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  1. Tyres & Rims
    Currently going through engineering on my sweet 2006 TD4.2 Patrol. Having major difficulties with finding out the correct original offset. Nissan Australia don’t know!! Can you believe it! Does anyone know the original offset? Engineer says +10... Everyone I know thinks zero... I want to put on...
  2. Tyres & Rims
    Hey Everybody im new to this forum and shall be posting activatly to help out the community as i can but atm i need some advice, I am considering buying a set of Ballistic Jester rims for my Gu Iv Wagon and i need to make sure they will fit! The specs on them are as follows Bolt pattern - 6x5.5...
  3. Tyres & Rims
    Yup another rim and tyre question. I have a blank canvas of a GU S4 09/2004. Compiling my "to do" list and on a fact gathering mission. What I am chasing here is I want to replace tyres and rims and want to get the sizing right and some brands of black rims (sunraysia look) I am planning on...
1-3 of 3 Results