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  1. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi guys, Having problems with starting my RD28 patrol, will start with "start ya bastard and will start again with every try within the minute, if i let it sit for 20mins wont start again without the spray", injector pump replaced, timing is 100% all good, fuel filter brand new, primer stays...
  2. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi all, Trying to replace the faulty sub tank pump in my 98 rd28. Have the goss ge394 here ready to go in but cannot for the life of me find anywhere online which says what direction the flow should be going. I can't trace the fuel lines back because they go up between the chassis and body so I...
  3. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi, I'm new to the community. I have a 1998 RD28, I'm the second owner and have had the car for 3 years it's has just clocked over 220,000. I'm having a few issues with it running recently I have the injector pump- injectors and glowplugs all replaced due to it not starting of a morning. Since...
  4. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Just wondering what’s the best bell housing kit to use for an rd28 to barra conversion. Will I be able to keep the rd28 gear box 5 speed manual or will I have to change it out cause I can’t seem to find any bell housing kits for the barra to rd gear box
  5. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Was just wondering if anyone knows and had photos of how to install the donator speed box on a gu RD28t. There’s other forms but all pictures have been removed and there hard to follow
  6. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone knows how to install the bottom gasket on the turbo (the oil feed and return and coolant feed). Am having trouble installing it without it leaking. Pictures would be greta TIA
  7. General Patrol Discussion
    Hi guys I’ve got a 1998 Gu RD28 turbo. It seems to be using a lot more fuel then it should. Getting about 17L-18L per 100km and the car is fairly stock. On 31s, egr blocked, little bit of weight in the back with drawers ect ect I’ve done some research and my fuel consumption shouldn’t be this...
  8. Auto Electrical
    Hi everyone i have recently pulled the motor out of the rd28 GQ to do a head, new injectors and new rings, after putting the motor back in it keeps blowing the engine control fuse (the one in the ignition section of the fuse box) at first it only did it after driving for a little bit but now its...
  9. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    I’ve found a min looking 97 2.8 Gq super clean but just sceptical on the engine but I’m not looking for towing or extreme four wheel drive tracks. But was leaning towards once it goes to replace it with a rebuilt td42, jsut wondering any of you guys have done this or know anyone and what the...
  10. Buying a Nissan Patrol
    found a mint 2.8 with 116,000 km. just looking for an opinion on these cars as I have been looking for a TD42 but having no luck finding one, not looking to do extreme 4x4 just beach driving and some medium tracks and a bit of touring. looking for it to hopefully last me 5 or more years and...
  11. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys, been working on my mates RD28 GQ with him for a while and since we bought it its had quite a bad overheating problem. It sits around the 98 Degree mark on a SAAS Gauge and the temperature gauge on the dash is constantly on high. We have replaced the headgasket as recent as 1 week ago...
  12. Auto Electrical
    Hello everybody, I am kinda new to the forums. I’ve read a bunch but never posted before, anyway to give some context on my issue. I am nearly finished converting a 2000 rd28 to a td42 silver top. I got my wiring done by Gold Coast patrols which I regret for a few reasons but long story short...
  13. Buying a Nissan Patrol
    Hey. I want to buy a two door Nissan Patrol GU/Y61 There's a guy selling one with a sunroof (a must), with RD28 swap (we didn't get the i6 4.2L Patrol here so that's an oddity) for an affordable price, it's readily available and it checks out. What I don't like is the spartan early 90's...
  14. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Have a shagged carby tb42, tds are way over priced at the moment, have found a rd28 cheap with gearbox, wondering what will need to be done in the conversion?
  15. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hello guys I want to adjust the turbo to kick in earlier on my 92 GQ RD28T. It has straight pipe and an intercooler. Now it kicks in at 2700 rpm and its late I think.
  16. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hey brains trust . i own a 1995 gq rd28 that is leaking diesel from some where near or around the injector pump but it only does it when is is cold first thing in a Morning any ideas as to why and where it would be leaking from thanks
  17. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hi. Need help from the brains trust have a rebuilt gq rd28 with supporting mods. I have turned the boost comp fully up and a 1/2 turn on the main fuel screw driving normal the patrol purrs along beautifully. The problem is when wind out the gear and qive it a gut full and tak it to full boost of...
  18. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys, couple weeks ago the timing belt tensioner let go, the car still ran perfectly apart from the tensioner jumping around, the timing had jumped a little from the injector pump side. Now I’ve replaced the tensioner, idler and set injector pump, camshaft, and crank to correct timing marks...
  19. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Have been told the rd2.8 wiring harness can be used in a td42 both GQ’s Does anyone have any more info on this ? Thanks
  20. Engine Conversions General
    Hey lads, for those with patrol knowledge I need it now! I’m doing an engine swap on my 1990gq patrol was originally a rb30 but I’ve recently bought a rd28 to replace it I put it in the other day and it’s off on all sorts of angle see video below.... I just wanna know if any of you have done...
1-20 of 51 Results