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  1. General Patrol Discussion
    Hey guys, how are you? I really could need a little advice from you: I own a Patrol SGL Y60, 11/1994, 4.2l 6cyl gasoline, single barrel carburettor. I bought it in Colombia, to where it was imported in 1995 directly from Japan via a Nissan dealership. I am the third owner, car has approx...
  2. Auto Electrical
    Help! I have a Y61 TB45E Patrol SGL-E (Saudi arabia) and the Temp guage is at its normal (around 80degrees c) below the C. (before changing the MAF it was on the C. Surely normal at 80 would be in the middle between the Hand the C ...kinda in the middle.??? see the pic. How do I adjust the...
1-2 of 2 Results