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  1. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hello Everyone I have a 2005 (new trim) GR Y61 1st Generation ZD30 Patrol and not 2 moths in and I've already manage to screw something up! I replaced the Stereo/DVD/GPSnav with a new stereo and in doing so I had to rewire the ground/negative wire since I was not able to find it in the original...
  2. Auto Electrical
    Hi Guys, Yesterday I installed a new pioneer head unit in the truck (06 ST) and have come across a bizarre problem: The radio reception is crystal clear until I turn on the aircon, then it is plagued with static. It only happens when the aircon compressor is kicked in, not with the blower on its...
  3. Auto Electrical
    Hey all i recently just pulled out my old stereo and installed an Alpine IVE-W530 Double din headunit and thought i would post the wiring diagram i figured out incase it helps someone else out. FL Speaker + = Blue FL Speaker - = Black with white stripe FR Speaker + = Brown FR Speaker - = Black...
  4. Auto Electrical
    I have the code for my original Nissan 2005 st ute stereo, but i am having trouble putting it in, the code is 6426 but it says to use keys 1 2 3 4. can anyone help what do i do
1-4 of 4 Results