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  1. General Patrol Discussion
    Just been thinking about aftermarket alarms and GPS units etc and a thought occurred to me. Has anyone had a patrol stolen that has NATS without the keys also being stolen?
  2. Members Stolen Vehicles Register
    With an apparent increase in vehicle theft It may be time to setup a simple register where members can put up pics and/or info about a vehicle they have had stolen, I'm not a great fan of a long line of sticky's, but seeing as general discussion has just 2, this might be the best place for a few...
  3. General Discussion Only, Not for Technical
    Hi crew, My brothers Honda CRF-450 motorbike was stolen from Claremont last night. It's quite distinctive, has Ashurst # 326 all over it, as well as numerous Prestige Honda stickers etc. It was dragged off the back of his car, about 20m down the road til they managed to brake the disc locks and...
  4. General Patrol Discussion
    Hi all, I was the proud owner of a 1991 GQ Patrol, unfortunately yesterday sometime between 1am and 5.30am it was stolen from outside my hosue in Ivanhoe! im not sure if i will see it again but im crossing every limb of my body that i do because i really cannot afford to be buying another car...
  5. General Patrol Discussion
    Hey guys, Some low life stole my 2005 Patrol GU ute last night from Clontarf in Brisbane from a secure appartment carpark. If anyone spots it could you please drop me a line. It has a 5" lift complete with superior drop radius arms and rear arms. 315MTZ tyres on black sunraysias. 3" exhaust...
  6. General Patrol Discussion
    Hi guys, my Patrol was stolen on the 22nd of April 2011. :ranting: Between 630pm - 2350pm. Pictures below - if you see him ,please let me know via PM or call the Police. Numberplate: YFU129 Victorian Plate