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  1. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hi all. I have been reading loads of posts and not found any info on this. Most posts recommend to use genuine water pump but theres 8 different genuine nissan water pumps listed in the parts catalogue with prices varying from 34usd to 78usd. Does it matter which one I choose for my factory...
  2. Auto Electrical
    Hi everyone, I have searched the forums for an answer/solution to this (including this famous post by Its A Ford) but everyone's situation seems a little different to mine. My Alternator is only putting out 12.7v to the battery. I have measured this from both the Alternator B+ and the battery...
  3. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey, I’ve got a 2006 TD42Ti running a 18g ufi turbo and aftermarket intercooler that seems to be blowing what I assume is blue smoke, not sure if it could be white tho.Will try to attach a video but it used to only blow the odd black soot out the back but now when it’s cold it bellows out white’...
  4. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hey All, My Silvertop died last week and although I have got a new motor lined up and all is okay, I'm a bit perplexed as to why and this is my first time opening one up so I'd love to learn / get some thoughts from those with heaps more knowledge. How it died: Pushed the coolant return hose...
  5. General Patrol Discussion
    Maybe a bad question but got a rebuilt 10mm looking to get a new turbo maybe 15-17psi ish. Non intercooled but will be at some point Is it worth trying to track down an 11mm and going that way or would it be ok running those numbers What’s everyone else done Thanks in advance
  6. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Noticed oil leaking from rear of turbo and a fair amount of white smoke when I rev it but it goes away and comes back. Got catch can and all the the shibang but wondering would it could be and if I should just get a new turbo
  7. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey guys so I’ve been having a air leak in my fuel for about two weeks now and so far I have replaced primer pump and filter along with new injectors and 12mm pump and still had the problem so I replaced fuel pickup in the tank and ran a new line from the tank to the filter and still had the...
  8. Auto Electrical
    Hey guys, having an intermittent starting fault on my 2006 td42ti GU. It initially started a couple years ago where I’d get in to start it and the starter would just click and then try start it again and it would fire straight away. The problem has since gotten worse and now I’m rarely able to...
  9. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    So I have a 2006 TD42 series 4 and i think my Nats is malfunctioning, light blinks when the car is locked but is constantly on when I’m driving the car, only recently noticed it when driving at night. Anyways I’ve never had a issue starting the car (touch wood) and I’m just conserned it might...
  10. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey All, TD42 New injector pump, spill rail and injectors to suit. Was running fine when first went in but now once i get on throttle around 2000rpm it will struggle to rev out and start puffing out white smoke out the back. I think it might be sucking in air but changed a few lines and...
  11. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    I see RMS selling these claiming they improve atomisation. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I would be concerned this could retard timing as a minimum. Maybe cause early pump wear. Any feedback appreciated
  12. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi guys, long shot but has anyone else experienced this. So I've got a Silverton td42 running a kinugawa td05-20g turbo with topmount intercooler. Runs like a dream until I hit a hill with the trailer on or if I go 4x4 in soft sand, problem is when it gets to around 99 degrees c the clutch pedal...
  13. Suspension, Steering and Brakes
    I am looking to over spring my 2004 td42 gu Ute. It has the big diffs. I am making my own perches to weld on but can’t work out what’s the best way to re mount shock, because if it sits above diff there will be no longer much travel. Anyone else done something similar or have any ideas? Cheers
  14. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys, Have managed to completely mince my TD QIKAZZ fan and am seeking a replacement fan. The website states it is a Mitsubishi fan, does anyone have any idea what make or model it comes off? or an alternative that will fit on their hub. cheers
  15. General Patrol Discussion
    Alright everyone, I know this topic has already been discussed a lot but I’m not about to spend hours reading all the discussions to try find my specific answer. I have a 400k old TD42 N/A that has just had valves tolerances done but is a still noisy old motor. I’m wanting to know what oil would...
  16. 1989 maverick td42

    Pride and joy, low klm td42t.
  17. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi, i have a 2002 patrol with a td42 n/a from 1989(inline injector pump) and it is time for an engine overhaul some might say. My question is where can i get a good quality overhaul kit from for this engine of mine. Im reading alot trying to learn more about the mighty td so any tips from you...
  18. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Seems to be pretty clean this old td42 I’ve found, 195,000 kms. Bloke is asking for a ridiculous price, any tips on what I should be checking on such an old car?
  19. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi guys My 2000 zd30 blew up and has lost compression in cylinder one most likely a hole in the piston. I have only just bought this car and am wanting some advice. 1) has anyone swapped an auto td42 into one, how much did it cost/ what the fuel economy like 2) is it worth me reconditioning my...
  20. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hey guys anyone gone down the track of putting ti pistons & oil squirters in a 96 blacktop? Found a few posts but couldn’t find much information if the squirters can be drilled in? Cheers
1-20 of 248 Results