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  1. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Probably a dumb question, but looking to go from 31s to 33s If i have 31/10.5/15 Would 285/12.5/16 fit, just confused about the 16 part, thanks haha
  2. Tyres & Rims
    Hi all, I recently bought my Patrol from a dealer with Windforce Catchfors M/T LT285/75R16 tyres on. Was thinking of replacing them with all terrains, and the dealer offered to buy the mud terrains off me. What would be a reasonable price for them - I can't seem to find a price for them new...
  3. Tyres & Rims
    Hey mates, how you all doing?, I have done a 2inch lift ironman form cell pro's but I'm still on my stock 265/70R17 wheels, I wanna jeep my 17inch wheels and I wanna know what is the best and biggest tyre size I could go for on road and offroad, cheers
  4. Tyres & Rims
    Hi all Just go back from my local tyre mob and have been told they have changed the tred pattern of the mtz tyres and don't have any of the old stock anymore. Has anyone els had dramas with this? I'm curently chasing 2x 285/75/16 mtz tyres as I have a split sidewall in one tyre and would like...
  5. Tyres & Rims
    Mickey Thompson DEEGAN So I rocked in to the local TS for pricing on MTZ's and he throws, "mate have ya seen these--> I say nuh WTF are they. DEEGANS D38. Anywho Mickey now makes a more aggressive cheaper tyre. Now although new to the market has anyone bought these yet ? and is there any...
  6. Tyres & Rims
    Hi All I'm in need to replace tyres so I figure I'll do wheels as well... BUT There is always a but.... Catch 22......need tyres to go to work.... but need cash to pay for tyres. Sooooooo Due to cash restrictions I was wondering if anyone new of a tyre mob that would do 24 mths interest...
  7. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi guys Bit or a random question. .. but here goes. I have a roof top tent mounted onto a steel frame over some tradies tool boxes on the back if my ute and I also have a tray where the spare is mounted underneath. What I am wondering is can I remove the spare wheel carrier from underneath...
  8. Tyres & Rims
    Yup another rim and tyre question. I have a blank canvas of a GU S4 09/2004. Compiling my "to do" list and on a fact gathering mission. What I am chasing here is I want to replace tyres and rims and want to get the sizing right and some brands of black rims (sunraysia look) I am planning on...
  9. Nissan Patrol MQ/MK 160/260 series
    Gday all, im in the process of a bit of a cutback job on my old wagon, and going to upgrade the tyres at the same time, but as its going over the pits, i need to try and find out the original size, so i can work out what i can go up too.. any info would be great :)
  10. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    What the maximum lift and tyre size is that can be engineered ?. Also whats the biggest lift and tyre combo you've seen?.
  11. Tyres & Rims
    HI Everyone. I went to an O'Neils tyre joint in Newcastle and I asked for a balance and alignment. The bloke told me that he would put a powder in the tyre which balances the tyre out and means i wouldn't have to get the wheel balanced again for the life of the tyre, this also eliminated the...
  12. Tyres & Rims
    Greetings, I bought some tires "kumho AT 32x11.50 R15", but would like to help me telling me what is the correct air pressure for tires, originally a "TROLL" 265x70R16 and comes with the manual states that the front wheels must be 29psi and 36psi rear, what should be the correct pressure for my...
1-12 of 14 Results