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  1. Auto Electrical
    Hi all, I’m new to all this auto electrical stuff so thought I’d ask on here before I go ahead myself. 1998 GU TB45 Patrol so I’m buying a second hand UHF on the weekend to install in my patrol. The power wires have been cut due to the previous owners wiring job. So I’m just trying to figure...
  2. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    So, I've recently made the purchase of a GU for the purpose of taking it to the beach as well as offroading. I figured the best addition for my car before heading off on either endeavor would be a UHF since communication seems to be fairly important. So I've already hunted around the internet...
  3. DIY Modifications & Accessories
    I needed some extra storage room in the ute and a place for the uhf so I decided I needed a roof console, I didnt like the look and price of the ones for sale so I made my own, I used mdf and glued and screwed it together then had it trimmed in grey vinyl so its easy to clean. I added two...
  4. Auto Electrical
    I'm curious as to which UHF radios can be reprogrammed to receive the new 80 channel system. I have a GME TX3400. Can these be reprogrammed? There doesn't appear to be anything about it in the user manual. I know some of the GME radios can be re-programmed by computer software or possibly via...
  5. General Patrol Discussion
    Just bought and installed a new GME TX4400 UHF Radio with the RFI explorist antenna pack. My question now is, how do I know it's working acceptably? I sat in the car for a bit the other night and could pickup some transmissions but I've got no idea how far away they were. Any ideas?
  6. DIY Modifications & Accessories
    Hi all. I thought I would share some pics of some stuff I have installed in my truck so that others who are planning installing any of these items can get some ideas. I know I have extensively searched this and other sites for pics to get ideas for what I have done so I thought I'd share my...
1-6 of 7 Results