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  1. 3 Litre ZD30 CRD Engine
    Does anyone know if an exhaust from a ZD30 wagon will fit to a ZD30 leaf ute? Worst comes to worst it doesnt have to fit all the way, even if the mounts are the same to the back of the cab I can just dump the exhaust there.
  2. Members Rides, Build Thread Forum
    Build up of my gu Ute from when I first got it, started it a year or 2 ago, 2018 so will update till now 2020. Chassis swap, tray build, lift, turbo, 12mm pump, lots of grinding, cutting, engine rebuild. Cheers
  3. DIY Modifications & Accessories
    So i have been flat out getting the ute setup for her maiden trip. I finally completed the drawers. Here are a few posts on how i did it. Hopefully it will withstand the upcoming test. :driving:
  4. DIY Modifications & Accessories
    The damn flapping sound form around the rear of the cab on my DX ute has been driving me mad!!! :anger: Today I took the cab rear vents off and cut up some old sponge to insert so they get held shut a bit better. I didn't stuff it too much, just enough to stop them flapping. Hopefully that will...
  5. Members Rides, Build Thread Forum
    Hi for a while ive been watching a few of the builds and thought id join in, Although mine is going to be slow. I bought the ute back in February with 236600ks, Everything seemed ok, apart from bent LHR control arm. So i brought it home when we had really bad storms, When i started getting...
  6. Body & Paint
    Hi Guys! I just purchased a 2007 Nissan Patrol ute and the only thing thats wrong with it is some minor surface rust at the back of the cab. Has anyone had this before and know how to fix it? Or does it not need to be fixed? Cheers
  7. Recovery Gear
    Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone can recommend a low mount winch compatible bullbar for a '97 gq ute leaf sprung on both ends as I'm having trouble finding one on this site or elsewhere. All I find are only for coil sprung vehicles. Thanks
  8. Buying a Nissan Patrol
    Hey guys im wanting a ute hopefully a patrol ute just wondering what the best model is and why and what would be better then a patrol price range 20k Thanks
  9. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    So i just bought a basically dead stock 05 4.2td ute and i wanna hear what you guys think are the most effective things to mod first, and whats the best suspension setup to do considering it is leaf sprung and bumpy as **** due to a few extra leafs from the previous owner.
  10. Members Rides, Build Thread Forum
    So I've been lurking around here for a while now getting alot of info for my pride and joy. I finally decided to to a write up of where my car started to where it is now. I bought the car stock as a rock about 3 years ago with 140,000 on the clock. I've been slowly building it up to where it is...
  11. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi guys Bit or a random question. .. but here goes. I have a roof top tent mounted onto a steel frame over some tradies tool boxes on the back if my ute and I also have a tray where the spare is mounted underneath. What I am wondering is can I remove the spare wheel carrier from underneath...
  12. Suspension and Steering
    I know this has been asked before but I just can't seem to find a clear answer... I have a 2' old man emu lift in my 00' GU Patrol ute. The front has sagged pretty bad (probably due to the bullbar with heavy winch fitted), however im happy with how it flexes and goes offroad. So, I want to...
  13. Members Rides, Build Thread Forum
    Hey guys, have been on the site for a while now and have finally bought my first 4x4, an 01 GU ute. There wasnt alot up here so i flew down to melbourne to pick this one up and I am very happy with it :) What it's got: - 2" EFS lift - 31" maxxis muddies (for now) - front mount intercooler with...
  14. Buying a Nissan Patrol
    Hey guys, I was planning on going looking at a 2001 GU DX Patrol Cab Chassis on saturday. Its going 180 000km on the clock 4.2L non turbo diesel Alloy tray Standard suspension Neat interior Bullbar Snorkel Rego until september 2012 Paint looks good in the pictures I did a vehicle check...
  15. Competitions and Events
    hey guys anyone going this year ? iv got a few mates going just putting it out there to see if there's a few guys from the forum going could be a chance to catch up for a beer. for those who want to go all the details on the site:
  16. Engine & Drivetrain
    I am working on a 4.2 GU Standard Turbo Diesel Patrol ute we thought it may have had a blown CV but it wasn't that nor the diff so it must be the transfer case. I have a transfer and box from a 1996 RD28 GQ Patrol sitting here, I had a look at the GU transfer case and they look the same. Can...
  17. Members Rides, Build Thread Forum
    Gday guys, after very nearly purchasing an ex mining Patrol ute I came across this and pretty much knew straight away that I was going to put a deposit down:iconbana::iconbana: 2005 ST travelled 168km and paid 28K which I think is very reasonable. It already has dual batteries Alpine bluetooth...
  18. Nissan Patrol MQ/MK 160/260 series
    Anyone who has an MQ style side/well body ute please post pics, i dont ever see any getting around and would love to see some. Cheers:p This is my baby 'CASP3R' which in a few months will be even better....
  19. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey guys i need your help again i just bought a gu 4.2 turbo diesal ute and it has a 3" exhaust system on it but it is quiet, i cant here the turbo or anything i talked to a exhaust shop about taking the muffler out and he said that it would be to loud and i will get done by the cops, has anyone...