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  1. Engine Conversions General
    hi all i’m considering doing a barra swap on my patrol but wondering if i’m wanting to do a cape york trip which is known for being wet, what are thing that i can do to prevent water getting on my plugs and stuff cause we all know spark plugs and water don’t mix, what’s some preventative that...
  2. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey guys. So i installed the king shocks with the 29 click adjustable compression on my 2022 nissan super safari. it seems that the ride off road is good, however, on road it’s rather bad. The softest setting seems too wobbly and the firmest setting is too firm. I have no lift on the car but 90%...
  3. 3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    Hi all, I'm a new member here and I'm looking for some help on buying a SWB y61 Patrol. I'm currently looking at y61 Patrol with the first Generation ZD30DDTI from 2001. It has 275.000km's or 180.000miles on the clock. I'm not quite sure if this engine will last much longer as I will be...
  4. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Gday, I have a 2006 Y61 GU patrol (wagon). It is an ex police vehicle and I love it. Can someone advise whether the pics below are proper recovery points for this vehicle? I know on many non-4wd cars, there are eyelets that look like recovery points but aren't... rather they are for securing...
  5. Nissan Safari
    Hey all, new to the Y61 community. But facing a weird problem and hoping someone would be able to help. So the battery died after being parked for a week (apparently the heat here in the UAE does that) after jump starting it the lock/unlock remote button and driver side switch were not working...
  6. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Seeking advice prior to embarking on a turbo purchase. A quick back story first. I bought a patrol (Aug 2004 GU IV) at the start of the year with just under 200,000km. I didn't get it vetted by a mechanic which was my first (expensive) mistake prior to purchasing. Head warped, cracked piston so...
  7. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    I own an Y61 Model 1998 with TB45E 4.5L engine, with manual transmission (M/T.) Tires are 33". The car feel sluggish and lack power on uphills and acceleration. I tested compression and all cylinders registered 8.2 to 9.0 bar-g. I changed the spark plugs, cleaned the injectors, and replaced the...
  8. 3 Litre ZD30 CRD Engine
    I've had an intermittent problem with my 2008 ZD30 CRD where the 20A ECU fuse would blow out randomly when I'd be driving over bumps or out 4x4ing and I'd lose all power and have to change the fuse out for the car to start again. Lately it's been happening as I accelerate from a stop on bitumen...
  9. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    So my 4.8 threw up a check engine light and well the car started idling like a potato. After checking the code with an OBD scanner, the error code was the P0150 (bank 2, sensor 1). I know that 07' TB48s did not have post cat O2 sensors and just pre cat O2 sensors. So would I just change the O2...
  10. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    So basically all of a sudden my odometer is now reading weird. For example, the number 4 sometimes shows up as a 6 and the count jumps up and readjusts itself back a couple kilometers. The clock looks messed up too. How can I fix it? I'm not sure about other Patrols but in the UAE we refer to...
  11. Nissan Safari
    Hey guys! I just realized my front bumper is slightly bent on the front. It’s not too bad but it bothers me aesthetically. Let me know what’s the best way I can pop it back into place. Muchas Gracias :)
  12. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi all! This may be a silly question but I recently bought a gu 2005 and want to change my bull bar similar to this one (without all the bumper stoppers and plastic). Any help is appreciated Thanks heaps!
  13. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi all, I have just received my father's GU S3 Patrol. It has 2 spotlights on the front I have no idea where the button is to turn them on. The foglight switch on the left of the steering wheel does nothing, The headlight and highbeam stalk does nothing. Where else should I check. Thanks.
  14. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    I'm looking for a set of Y61 Bushwacker Fender flares. Looked around for quite a bit online but wasn't able to find a seller, I guess it's an old product. I wouldn't want to bother with restoring a set in terrible condition though, definitely would prefer them in decent condition, or new if you...
  15. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and as well to my car improvements. I have recently bought CelFi Go & Antenna and would like to install it, later to add driving lights + UHF radio. My car is from 2016, Nissan Patrol Legend edition and all firewall grommets (cables, AC etc.) seem don't have...
  16. New Members, Please Introduce Yourself Here
    Всем привет. Я очень рад быть среди вас всех. мой основной доход это патруль зд30 отладка, ремонт, программирование, улучшение, чип, и т.д.
  17. 3 Litre ZD30 CRD Engine
    Hi everyone, First time asking a question... Has Anyone done the intake manifold clean on there XZD30 motor 2010 model. Any issues. Had a company.. which I won't name just yet do the clean.. they used the product from Pro Stream... Thanks
  18. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Lost on what to do with buying a patrol, seen too many ZD30 for sale with rebuilt engine at low kms and hearing lots of other problems with them, being an apprentice I can’t afford to have it go on me whilst paying off a loan. Anyone here with one that goes strong at all? Cheers.
  19. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey Everyone, So I ordered 2 recovery points from Australia to Canada. I was initially hoping to use one on each of the Y61’s I have. But upon posting on here everyone said to use two points. Currently my second truck is still at the importers so I can’t check it yet, but today when I went to...
  20. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Is it possible to replace the TB48 gearbox with the TD42 gearbox directly into TB48 engine?? if needs work, what would it be?.
1-20 of 83 Results