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I had a L/C HZJ75 for 17 years before my patrol st crd ute(11/07). They cost about the same to run.With the L/C i got lots of little expenses and the odd big one. The patrol has given me a few more big ones and very few little ones.
287k on the clock. I've done 250k of them.I have replaced:
injector pump/ 6 injectors/ oil pump/ alternator/ both diff housings/ flywheel/clutch/
I have welded up the rear chassis(underneath the coil tower) 4 times. It won't break again. I've had the big slab of metal(superior engineering) over both coil towers for 230k.
I now have king springs 700kg constant on the rears. Should have done that years ago.
I have a 450kg constant load on my tray.
I've had never ending problems with dirty station diesel. I think i've finally got that sorted. The fuel goes through 3 filters -30 -10 - 2 micron filter with a 12v/5psi electric pump drawing it through. I've gone through about 5 CR Pressure valves
All the vital signs of the drivetrain look good. I can't see any major problems for another 250k.
Engine runs cool and doesn't burn oil. Egt's are low. Oil pressure good.
3" exhaust
egt block
catch can
dawes/spool needle
gauges- oil pressure- egt- boost

I much prefer to drive the patrol over long hauls- more comfort, better engine. I really miss the simplicity of my old car.
Both new 2nd hand diff housings now have brace kits.
I still have the original universals & timing chain.
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