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My 2008 CRD patrol ute since new has had a lock out issue with 3rd & 4th gear whenever it gets hot, i.e I can drive 200 or 300km no problem then if I pull up for fuel or whatever when I start off again I cannot get 3rd or 4th gear at all, then after a few minutes of trying & cursing :mad: a lot, it works again for a short time but whilst hot the issue appears on & off at any time I change down gears. Once let cool overnight it is back to normal again until I drive distance.
Has anyone else had this issue & if so a fix would be very much appreciated as Nissan dont want to know, they have said it is fine & normal for the patrol boxes to be "notchy", I dont call this notchy it's outright dangerous....
Any help or hints would be great.
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