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This DIY is for Abitibi and jfarsang......oh and you too Canuck since you are all possessed to do it the hard way....sorry boys.

Y60 Safaris with the factory foggies are dead easy to wire up DRLs. First open up the black metal panel outboard of the right hand battery, find a ignition activated positive lead and join a wire from the ignition positive lead to activate the coil on the foggie relay.

From the following photos you can see the fog light relay was second from the front and the red wire I added is an ignition activated positive from the relay one to the front. I am usually able to unlock the connector in the block, attach my wire and reinsert the connector. Just be aware to bend the tab back out on the lock before reinserting.

Ultimately this is 15 minute DIY but installing a interrupter for cooooollllddd starts or if you want to be able to shut off the foggies is best.


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