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some knows my stories from the desert in africa.
some had been there one time...
some knows the danger of landmines, accidents, robberys or thirst death...

yes, i still miss the good english :D but you can correct me, if i wrote any wrong words...


first i was with two other 4x4 in maroc.
they went back to switzerland, after tree weeks of desert, sand and dust.

my story begins in maroc, centre of marrakech, the beautifull town, so she calls herself.
i filled up my GR, and the misery can begin! :cool:

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so, i drive on a crossroad. the traffic light shows green.
then orange...
i push down the accelerator. it's enough yet, to run over by orange light...
even whistles the policeman and takes me out.

Police: you crossed the red light!
DC: no, no, it was still orange.
Police: go to border with your car
DC: but it was orange??!!
Police: your papers please
DC: no chance, it was stolen in spain, together with 1'200€
Police: are you swiss? the punishment ist 700DH (ca. 70€) for crossing by red.
DC: no, no, it was orange, not red. so i don't pay!
Police: ist was red, like your passport!
DC: i don't pay for orange...
Police: it was red!
DC: orange!
Police: red!
DC: orange...
Police: ooooooh well, weeee let that. but the next time, you give the license!
DC: *smile* and thinking "i don't have the license, she is in spain. so go for take it in spain..."


no, that's not an instruction, how to do not pay.
but it was really orange...

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i'm annoyed about the policeman.
so i go slowly for a few hours direction west, to agadir town.

the road is in a really good condition. She offers much climbs. the TD42T has to work a lot with his 3t fighting weight.

often i stop for a while. there are old Mitsubishi Fighter truck, you know, i think...
not a lot of power, but a lot of sound!
so i give them my attention and a little admiration for the inline-six sound.
the turbo is crying loud for the air...

Mitsubishi Fighter für Rossolog - YouTube

did i say, that i travel all allone now?
the beautifull at the thing is, that you can go everywhere ant anytime you want.
no consideration for others. you can enjoy the moment, you have enough of time to tink about god and the world...
six weeks will follow now.
i need a lot of time to write it english again. so it gives a long multiple add to this report

the day ends, i must find a place for the night. nearly the much traveled road i find one and i can hear the sound of the old trucks with their inefficient turbochargers all the night long.

Is there anything more beautiful than this freedom?

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Haha, rebel!
yaaah, that must bee... i don't pay for anything, i didn't do wrong ;)

I'm confused, where are you from? Africa, Spain or Switzerland? If your Swiss, what are you doing in Africa?
sorry, i didn't want to confuse you :D Swiss. Go over french to spain, then to maroc.

it was an offroad trip, allone in the worlds biggest desert, sahara. "only" hollydays.

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new day, ne problems...

after a good breakfast, start the old engine. (TD42, "ventilated" with a factory turbokit HT18) awaken to live for work he does his best for me.

i continue my route direction agadir.

a strait road, clear , but a security line. prohibited to overtake...
there is a truck before me, slower as a bicycle.

allowed is 100km/h, he drives with 15km/h... so i take the second', a little gas-shock and i am before the truck.
easy. daily street life, no special in africa.

but what is there?

no, i don't beleve. the police takes me out.
alway i do anythin wrong, they take me. 1000km i don't make a mistake, they don't controll me.


the following storry was funny...

Police: you have crossed the security line!
DC: yaah? not good hmmmm?
Police: your papers!
DC: i only have the vehicule license, rest stolen by spains, 2 weeks ago
Police. (slightly annoyed) havy you got any official documents for the stolen papers?
DC: no
Police: (now complete annoyed) that's your responsibility to look for a proof.

then he goes back to his car without documents.
20min waiting, nothing heppens. yes, it was a fault to cross the line, i know.

so i rest in my patrol and look the traffic. there are funny cars on the road. a renault 4 who smokes white like an old locomotive... :cool:
i really have my fun in the car. and i have a lot of time, no pressure of time all the day long. so i look at ti like a theater.

ohter vehicules stopped by police... the same mistake.

at this moment, the two policemen gets in the policecar. they turn over the security line :rolleyes: and parkes face to face on the other side.

The policeman leans out of his car an sais: "vas y"! (Go!!!)

I'll not say it twice and go far away...

lucky end...

logically, i'm hungry.
from my oooold steel-frying-pan - where i yesterday cleaned any wheelbearing from my old GR - i eat now chicken nuggets and rice. excellent!

After the lunch i continue my trip direction western sahara (political maroc).
i am still in maroc, nearly the coast. sometimes the gravel track is not easy to drive, because there are any washouts.

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okay, often the road stops short.
no worry, chris, you can go back an search an other way

protection from thieves
beautifull areas i can see and friendly peoples (locals) i meet.
no stress, only drive for fun and learning anything about this country.

not heavy, but beautifull

this little brush observes me all the time

at the port of sidi ifni.
the pleasant guard lets me in and explains me the way out by gravel an sand.
deep sands will follow, so i must deflate - or full throttle!

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after a bad night:
not sooo bad, but yet...

for that there is my breakfast
the wind is strong and the pancakes cooled down :(

tody i have only gravelroads. so the probability for police is small. :grin:

beautifull tracks discovered, nearly the white beach (plage blanche) all offroad, partially exacting for go allone. there is no one who can help you, if you're stuck.

but it will get worse.
tingly to drive rear 3,5bar and front 2.0bar over sands...

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since yesterday evening, the airbag and the horn doesn't go longer.

but who needs this? here i am allone...
a little bit of rust.
1992 the ship stranded, now the rust is working verry fast.

Also the signpost suffers from the salty air

still at the coast of maroc.


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this is, for what i life... the travelling. earning any experiences in different countrys.
make faults, learning from them.

and last but no least: spend time with my beloved NISSAN. often he needs any care when i trash it trough the mauritanian desert.

so, i will continue...

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this precisious water
any meters bevore, the camels drink a lot, before the water flows in to the sea...

short befor i find the place for the night.
there are any shepherd and i sayd them, that one of their sheps died.
then i go for a few kilometers...

i find a beautifull place.
but, what's there?
on the horizon i can see four bright lights.
two spains arrives with their landcruisers.
i saw them in maroc two weeks ago. coincidence?

in the mood...

then the wonderfull sunset. no one can pay this. no one can steal this out of my memory.
anchored in my heart.

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so, the fourth day allone beginns.

since days i follow any military truck tracks. again and again i find the tracks.
are they from the old 4x4 MAN truck i saw tree weeks ago?
or is it one from the army?
i will look.

partly outwashed sections provide for welcome changes.
but lock the free running hubs for this?
no. why, there is no problem without.

view from the cliffs. Landscapes show itself from the best side...
the weather is stable. only the wind is rough

the wall, occupped of sand. who is stronger?

other viewpoin

i find a military airport near the coast.
one of them stops me.

Military: where you want to go?
DC: Lâayoune, searching any wheel bearings
Military: why you want to go exactly there?
why don't you go to tan-tan. go there?!!!
DC: no, i need absolutely important NISSAN parts. and i know, in Lâayoune thye are...
Military: Well... ok. good ride!

then he paused

Military: hey, watch out, here we shoot with airplains.
DC: (think) perfectly, and there is only fog all over there

fast food. all what i need for silent the hunger

almost i get stuck in the Drâa-Delta. otherwise the terrain is rough and difficult to drive

in the little town tan-tan i find really wheel bearings. fill the truck up...
perhaps there are fresh oranges??

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There are a lot of sharp stones. hats off to this performance. BF Goodrich AT KO!

to climb up here is more difficult, than the view of the photo shows it.

it is worth. here i am allone with my little truck. to enjoy is not the right phrase... relish?
aaahw, it's sooo beautifull

:mad: i must go back to zivilisation.
road traffic rules... yaaah... :anger:

where Desertcruiser collides with this rules, there is the police. again.
but this time i must pay.

700DH (70€)

This time i blame myself. So i pay direct without discusion.
it was no traffic an i didn't stop at the "STOP" signal.

i think all good things come in threes. no?
can we let it be enough for this trip?

NO. it follows the next police control. i see them early and go away from the road.
pass them offroad and don't get any problems :razz:

fog nearly the sea. my wiew through the windscreen similar the view through a wall o stones.

closing time. no, i am not for suicidal

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drive on the road to the western sahara. nearly the coast there is anyway fog. nothing unusual i think. no one turns his light on. finally it's day, not night...

btw. steering wheel without airbag and horn is a perfect desk for the diary ;)

yes, also in the mist waits the police.:confused:


this time: "pour votre securité", what means, for your security related to political instability, mines, al-Quaida etc.

the policeman ask me: are you doing rally or what? He sees the truck, completely wallpapered with dirt from the Drâa-Delta, where i get almost stuck...:rolleyes:
DC: naaah, only a bit offroad. Gravelroad from sidi-ifni to tan tan.
Police: this car is strong, isn't it?
DC: you wish a sound-test? (in Switzerland never ever possible to ask a police this... you will get a crushed nose :eek:)
Police: while looking at the missing exhaust, says "yes!!" (only a 3" Pipe, no muffler)

he stands in a black-smoke-cloud, laughes and has his fun! the enthusiasm is great. perfect.
you see, there are different policemen.

i give him a "fiche", this is a paper with my dates, they want archive for "the security".
repeatedly handshake, all we are happy and i go my way.

"bonne Voyage!"

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any locals begins, to wash my troll fictitious.

I answer to the question always no: "don't you want to clean your car? don't you love it?"

in the western sahare, any one writes me on the rear window:

that means: "i want to be washed"

the desire in me wants a shower. right.
in a hotel i rent a bungalow with a bathtub. perfect, i think!
half filled, only cold water comes. :mad:
nothing with a warm bath.

stop it immediately.
change and take a cold shower for end this day...
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