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thanks! You're really up to date!
what time ist for at you?
here in switzerland 17:49. time to search the papa-joes and eat any crispy-wings... :p
When you posted this post, it was 1:50AM Australian Eastern Standard Time

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There are a lot of sharp stones. hats off to this performance. BF Goodrich AT KO!

to climb up here is more difficult, than the view of the photo shows it.

it is worth. here i am allone with my little truck. to enjoy is not the right phrase... relish?
aaahw, it's sooo beautifull

:mad: i must go back to zivilisation.
road traffic rules... yaaah... :anger:

where Desertcruiser collides with this rules, there is the police. again.
but this time i must pay.

700DH (70€)

This time i blame myself. So i pay direct without discusion.
it was no traffic an i didn't stop at the "STOP" signal.

i think all good things come in threes. no?
can we let it be enough for this trip?

NO. it follows the next police control. i see them early and go away from the road.
pass them offroad and don't get any problems :razz:

fog nearly the sea. my wiew through the windscreen similar the view through a wall o stones.

closing time. no, i am not for suicidal

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drive on the road to the western sahara. nearly the coast there is anyway fog. nothing unusual i think. no one turns his light on. finally it's day, not night...

btw. steering wheel without airbag and horn is a perfect desk for the diary ;)

yes, also in the mist waits the police.:confused:


this time: "pour votre securité", what means, for your security related to political instability, mines, al-Quaida etc.

the policeman ask me: are you doing rally or what? He sees the truck, completely wallpapered with dirt from the Drâa-Delta, where i get almost stuck...:rolleyes:
DC: naaah, only a bit offroad. Gravelroad from sidi-ifni to tan tan.
Police: this car is strong, isn't it?
DC: you wish a sound-test? (in Switzerland never ever possible to ask a police this... you will get a crushed nose :eek:)
Police: while looking at the missing exhaust, says "yes!!" (only a 3" Pipe, no muffler)

he stands in a black-smoke-cloud, laughes and has his fun! the enthusiasm is great. perfect.
you see, there are different policemen.

i give him a "fiche", this is a paper with my dates, they want archive for "the security".
repeatedly handshake, all we are happy and i go my way.

"bonne Voyage!"

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any locals begins, to wash my troll fictitious.

I answer to the question always no: "don't you want to clean your car? don't you love it?"

in the western sahare, any one writes me on the rear window:

that means: "i want to be washed"

the desire in me wants a shower. right.
in a hotel i rent a bungalow with a bathtub. perfect, i think!
half filled, only cold water comes. :mad:
nothing with a warm bath.

stop it immediately.
change and take a cold shower for end this day...

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Day 6 allone. it's the 15.12.2011

one day in the hotel. vor chill out and collect nerves for the coming hundreds of kilometers with the marocan police, mines, bandits and what else possible :p

yeserday i gave my dirty clothes to clean. 5€, quantity all the same price.
so i have the time to sort the many pictures.

on time at 17:00 they're clean. so i have finished my stay and go to south.

yahh, exactly i stick to the more and less senseless traffic rules.

but no police!


Drive trough an official designated minebelt.
i don't like to dramatize, but since a while i didn't see only one camel.

shortly after the belt i go for search a place for the night.
i must be verry carefull, because plastic-mines can swim, when it rains verry strong.

a beautifull place i can find before twilight. behind a big sickle-dune (you say barchan?)

closing time for me... i'm sooo tired...

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my place in the morning

i think, this view i would love every morning...
look at the plants, who have to fight with the sand!

continued on the street. inevitably i come in contact with the racing-departement, the police.

this time:

Police: nationality?
DC: Swiss
Police: What do you have in this canisters? (my silent co-drivers, took out the passenger seats.)
Ich: empty. but i will fill them up for the big sandcase in mauritania.
Police: nationality? (he forgot probably)
DC: swiss again
Police: go. good luck

i love this. stopped by the police for saying a tousand times the same bull****.

why not take a bath?

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my daily life on the street full of police controlls.

Police: good morning! where you go?
DC: go for tea an water, then mauritania
Police: show me your passport - or do you have any "fiches"?
DC: yah... here...
Police: give me your proof of insurance (premiere)
Police: give me "un bon billet" (he wants really money for nothing...!!!!) then i let you go your way.
DC: certainly no! i have a lot o time and i don't pay.

two minutes waiting.
then i can go :)

on the route...

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as an official fan of the god of all engines, the TD42 i must post at this moment a short clip of a little beach-bash...

you see next to nothing, only the horizon, who tilt. but you can hear the 6 pistons and a little bit the charger, who must work his part to come trough the deep, white sand.

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Hi DesertCruiser

Very nice post.
I can't wait to go back in the Sahara again... My best moments was in the Libyan desert, Murzuk, Akkakus, Oubari... But sadly, land mines are now a problem for locals and visitors willing to travel the desert

Keep on making us dreaming ;)

PS: If your coming near Fribourg, why not having a drink together ??


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Hey thank you so much for your positive feedback!
It motivates to continue as soon as possible!

@Nicolas: yah, why not! Are you in german too?
You're a swiss-Patroler and i don't know you. absolutely no go...

Where you go this winter?
For me it will give nearly the same route as last year..
(this report)

You can let me your phone number by pm.
So we can look for time and place to drink and speek about our GU's and the beloved desert...

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i want to tell you a storry.
it's difficult to tell it with the same emotions i can tell in german.

it will show, that we can decive by other peoples.

yah, i need water. hard to get, as i see.

i drive my little truck to a gas station. i look for attendant, who sells me water.
i calculate, that i must pay for this precious liquid, because it's rare here.

here is no attendant. but two men arrives now. an old crate they drive. Citroën or similar.
they ask me now, what i am seraching.
"peoples, i need water for my bidon. totaly 60 litres. and tea for the long evenings."

"follow us" says the darker one.
so i come to a restaurant called Café CTM in Boujadour, western sahara

the owner acts verry rugged and grim. he is laconic and quite unfriendly to me.
his mine is like one of an crime. hard face, dark eyes with an energy like fire.
i do not feel well. but i hope he can give me any liquid of live...

obviously he knows my desire for water. harsh he sayd: "bring me your bidons"!
and: "didn't you want any china-tea?

then he sends one of his service to the market, for buy any tea. i'm irritated. why he don't explain me, where i can buy this myself?

he tells me the price for one kilogramm. 120 DH (12€) for the first quality.
shortly after, the young man comes running and whispers anything to his chief.

the chief translates me after. he has got the tea for the purchase price of the cofee. and he gives it for the same price to me. 70DH!!!
i know, they're really not rich there. but nevertheless might be happier than we...

while this, the chief prepares us a tea, saharoui like. known as the whisky of the sahara.
more locals come here and want to look, what happens here at this place.

handshakes and multiple welcome, invitations at home etc. verry verry surprising and friendly.
normal they want to sell anything. but this time - nothing. only give love, without ulterior motives.

the bidons be filled by chief.
he has two varieties of water. one, without chlorine only for tea. and the other, preparated and durable with chlorine.
he gives my 60l of his best water. he must buy it by a truck, who comes sporadic.
the price for the water was done.

but at once, the water will cost nothing. he offers as a present!
also the tea for all who are present.

only the china tea rest for pay.
without a condition he does such a lot good to me.

happy i leave this lovely town an move on south.

a beautyfull place at the sea provides wet dreams and a car, shaked by the strong wind

closing time for today.

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windy night.
the strong wind in the western sahara whips me arround my ears.
for cooking you must look for sandless food. or you can feel the crunchy sand between the teeth

often they want to stop me for autostop.
but my car is really full loaded, no passenger seats, you know.
so i must see often their middle finger when i don't stop;)

today there is the police. yeeeah!

ok, they ask me for beer and whiskey. witty, no?

on the strait roads, where you can drive with 100kms, i must see 60er panels.
i drive with 65km/h and see on distance a police patrol with radar.

i decide shortly to make a detour into terrain. so i can dodge the police.

this is the road:

so i have the time to look after the nature. they are big contrasts between life and dead. arn't they?

only near the sea. in central sahara you can't find this lichen

in dakhla i take more of diesel. 240l, for 5,2DH each litre. this is by 0,65$

some flatbread and peach-drinks he sells me from his shop

he don't looks verry motivated for fill them up.
but when the money arrives, he has a smile on his face! ;)

so, my fighting weight is more than 3 tonns. 310l diesel total.
he hadn't any water for fill a bit. i buy any 5l bottles

searching a place for camping near dakhla.

i must see a lot of campers.

why not go to them for look, why they're near to the next, like sardines in a tin?
it would be interessting to look at this heads, who vegetate all the days long on their white coffin. they see nothing of the desert. only the bay for kite surfing. well.

exactly before the entrance to the camping, there is an police checkppoint.
i don't want to deal with them to get my dirty GU in. so i look it from distance.

and by the way...
my patrol never wants to go in!

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Nooo, chris and his patrol don't need this caravan market.

i search a hill with the beautifull view of the bay. for climb up i must find a way.

but, what's this?
a lot of patrols are coming out of an other camp. i must stop immediately for take a look.

i can find a way up. deep sands. first time stuck, then close the free running hubs, then a bit more gas and the old steel is up.

good, no way for the campers here.
now they're inside the white boxes an discutes about cooking the dinner.

isn't it beautyfull?

i drive my patrol any more meters and find a little ghost village.
unusualy for this area. no shepherd, no little children, no one who wants any beer or cigarettes.

i don't feel verry good.
everywhere parts of oldest cars, bones of i don't know what, shooted munition, cartridges. what's going on here?

this metallic hints of a fight is a bit suboptimal, i would say.
but just the same, the place is beautyfull.
unfortunately i am in a not completely demined area. i must be carefull i think.

a long evening waits for me.
i can look the light, who pass the road under my private hill.

any kilometer before the truck is here, i can see him. 10min later he has passed my hill.
then i can only see his red teillight.
any romantic flavor to the dangerous mines and witnesses to war...

i love this width about everything...

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today, the ninth day allone. special day really...

the desert at its hardest side
wind, full of sands offers at times only a bad view. 300m as the maximal distance, forces me to go slowly.

a little walk around my sleeping place.
everything seems peaceful.

Flatbread, butter, molasses, a half litre of chocolate-milk, an orange... yaah, you can see for yourself...perfect was befor all - - - the orange!
sun ripened, sweet like sugar.
the locals don't beat them down as green

drive direction south

a lovely bright beach invites me to beat the GU over the sand.

of course i must try how to drive with too much tire pressure.
first it goes well, then at once stuck like a stone in a lake.

unnecessary i mean.

consider not a long time. deflate...
maybe i can get it free.
nevertheless i think about. even by feet i sink in.
stupi to drive in, Chris, you're an fool.
(maybe i would to this again..............:twisted:)

shortly after i got it free. no sand sheets needed.
battle scars

later, on the road

hmmm, i go to desert for drive in sands. but there are any stupids who clear all the sand away.

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