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Rust is just natural weight reduction.
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I am beginning to think dropping the winch down may be the easiest way to mount it. It will require mods to the bar, but they were likely inevitable anyway.

All I need now is a welder.... and to be a competent welder.

The slip joint(s) in a fixed length driveshaft also enable easier installation/removal. When you've got the PTO unit mounted at one end, and the winch mounted at the other, you need a slip joint (or two) to enable the shaft to be slipped in and the extended over/into the shaft on the fixed component.

IIRC with the GQ PTO shaft the rear section slides onto the PTO output shaft, and then the carrier bearing can be bolted up. The front shaft has to be slid into the carrier bearing and then slid forward over the winch input shaft.
That'd make sense, never really affected me, I pulled everything apart starting with the winch, then PTO unit, then shafts from memory.
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