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1998 gu ti ls1

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As I do not take delivery of the truck until Saturday. Heres a couple of photo's of the sale advert I bought it from. Oh yeah as I said in the my other post, I have already bought a Kamar rear Bar for it.

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looks good but I thought you were buying a camper?
Looks neat, but yes camper??
Bought one of those too. I also pick it up on Saturday. Got if for a steal. Full offroad camper with everything bar a shower and battery system. Auction ended on mothers day so I guess everyone was too busy to bid. And after buying them I still had enough cash left over to buy a cheap work car, so the patrol doesn't cost me a fortune in fuel. I'm very happy with my decission to sell. I can now concentrate on the new gu and the misus is happy she doesn't have camp in a tent. Happy wife, happy life.
so what was wrong with the 2.8?
Nothing at all, I loved my 2.8. I had to get a camper trailer
i love it, bitchn colour mate
How goes mods mate, what you done to her so far?
Nothing yet, just getting a feel for it first.
Hi All,

Took the old girl out for her maiden voyage today. Not wanting to tackle anything to difficult as i was the lone truck, I took my family for a casual drive up too Glasshouse. The suspension is shaged but it still performed alright. I'm still yet to decide whether to colour code the rear bar as I had scraped it a couple of times and it already has a 2" lift and I'm not planning on going much higher.

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hey troy
nice photos mate. how do u find the 4.5 off road compared to the 2.8?
Thanks Herbs,

The 4.5 does everything with ease. mind you it is an auto and has a factory rear diff lock. The main thing I like best about the 4.5 is that there is no more bunny hopping. I hated the fly by wire in the 2.8.
My new OME Suspension arrived today, so I'll fit it all up on Saturday.
What size and how much did the OME stuff set you back if you don't mind me asking troy?
2" lift Fazza, I don't pay retail for it as I work for uv4x4, we are a ARB stockist.
Suspension in, gave me 60mm in the back and 50mm in the front. Very happy with the result. Just have too get new swaybar connections now. I had to cut the old ones off as the ****** before me had striped the bolts.
Ok - time to do a bit to the old girl.
Ordered today:
A set of 285x75x16 Hercules trail diggers
Outback rear draw with fridge slide
Optima battery and all the bits a pieces to mount it in the back with a redarc dual battery setup
ARB alloy full length roof rack
2500 ARB awning
1200 ARB awning
146L replacement long range tank
Outback ideas front recovery point

I'll post photos as they go on
Sounds good! Gotta love the colour too haha
Troyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hows it goin mate.

Did you end up gettn nitrocharge sports shocks?

I got em on mine, very happy with them.
Did you end up gettn nitrocharge sports shocks?

I got em on mine, very happy with them.
X 2

Coming along, will be great when finished.
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