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1999 GR 2.8 Turbodiesel - need overhaul??

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Hi guys, just bought a 1999 GR 2.8 Turbodiesel, 255000km. Great car, but since I'm new to Patrols I don't really know what to expect.

I have a couple of question marks regarding the engine. It runs smoothly and my issues are minor, but if necessary I would be happy to spend a few bucks getting it ship-shape.

1: Starting in the cold - it starts ok but it seems a few of the cylinders aren't starting right away. When I crank it, it fires but I have to crank it for a second or two AFTER that or else it dies.

When it starts, it runs a bit rough for just a second or two (literally) - then it runs smoothly.

2: It puffs out quite a bit of white smoke when i starts, especially in the cold. Nothing drastic but a bit more than I'm used to.

When it runs, no excess smoke or white smoke, just some black smoke when topping out the revs at full throttle.

3: "Smelly" exhaust - especially when idling, also when up to normal temperature - the exhaust smells like it's "rich" in diesel, if you know what I mean. Nothing major, but more than I would expect.

4: Noisy turbo - the turbo-whine is quite noticable inside the car when powering on. Again, nothing major but more than I would expect.

5: From time to time a few very minor "flat spots" in the power - don't know how to explain it but sometimes, especially at low to medium power, the power fluctuates a little bit, almost like a small "stutter"...

So, any thoughts if my new car would benefit from an engine overhaul? What would be the suggested points to check out? If any.
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Thanks guys, two important observations:
OBS1: What I thought was problems starting in the cold - has now proved to be linked NOT to the temperature, but to the fuel level... Turns out, the fall in temperatures here coincided with me running the diesel tank down to almost empty... When the tank is topped out (over 1/2 full) there is no problem starting even in cold weather.

OBS2: The Q5-problms gets worse in cold weather.
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