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hi nice to meet you..

i am jack from Korea. i have worked and worked in AUS for 1year and half.

before i come back to my country, i really want to travel AUS.

that's why i want to buy used nissan patrol.

when i met the car owner, he looks so honest man. and he told me that car has no problems. but

in my opinion, car engine nose is too loud.... he explain nissan patrol 4.5 gasoline is naturally loud because

this engine is so big and powerful. so... i asked him to go to repair shop together to get RWC. i will ask

mechanic to diagnose engine. i dont know how much money will be taken to check the engine.

actually, after buying this car, my money left a little.... i am worrying about it.

i spent really great time in AUS. most of aussie guy is really really kind to me and generous

if ,while i am travelling in middle of AUS, car is stopped... i must to go back to my country with nothing.

if is there anybody who can help me and give me a little bit of tip......

it will be a great......

my e-mail address is [email protected]

i found one video clip on youtube.

Nissan Patrol 1999 Ti 4.5L .mp4 - YouTube

i think this car engine is louder than Nissan Patrol 1999 Ti 4.5L on youtube

thanks Halleluiah
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