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2.8 GU Intake manifold

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The other day I went down to Gold Coast 4x4 wreckers and bought an intercooler from a 2.8 GU, to my surprise they only stung me $220 for it witch I thought wasn't to bad.
Got it home and mounted it witch was all good then come the fun part plumbing it up to the GQ intake manifold. After about 4 hours and a lot of bad words it was all good.
Took it for a drive to find a massive power loss, I am pretty sure its due to all the bends in the pipe work.
So since I have put it back the way it was and all is good again.
Now my dilemma is I can't find an intake manifold from a 2.8 GU, I have tried all local wreckers and they all tell me the same thing (we havn't had a 2.8 GU in a long time).
Does anyone here have an idea where I can find one I have put a listing in the wanted section but I know not everyone checks that. So any help would be appreciated.
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Before you spend any more money I would be looking into this a bit more. My understanding is that the intercooler you are using is not very good, as it does not have good airflow through it.

Someone with more knowledge of such things may be able to comment further.
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