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2.8 Suspected head gasket.

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G'day all.

Seems my 2.8 has done a head gasket. There has been no signs of anything happening over the space of a week, which was the last time I did a proper once over onte vehicle.
I noticed an oil leak on the bottom of the sump. I thought I'd give it a clean and have a check of the fuilds.
To my surpise, the overflow bottle had oil leaking from the seams. Opened up the radiator. What used to be green coolant is now home to a thick black sludge.

I'm dropping it off to a mechanics on Monday.

Question: what price should I look to be paying to get the head gasket replaced?

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4.7K push in drive out for new head and fitted ect seems fair
I paid 4.5K 5 odd years ago
Another bloke recently same issue cost him just under 3K parts alone and he done the work himself
Its one of those dam if you do dam if you dont

GUs with blown motors for sale recently are a vey common thing
Its either cut your lose and move up to something else ,or fix it
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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