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2.8 Suspected head gasket.

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G'day all.

Seems my 2.8 has done a head gasket. There has been no signs of anything happening over the space of a week, which was the last time I did a proper once over onte vehicle.
I noticed an oil leak on the bottom of the sump. I thought I'd give it a clean and have a check of the fuilds.
To my surpise, the overflow bottle had oil leaking from the seams. Opened up the radiator. What used to be green coolant is now home to a thick black sludge.

I'm dropping it off to a mechanics on Monday.

Question: what price should I look to be paying to get the head gasket replaced?

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Update: turns out the substance in the radiator coolant wasn't oil. It's fuel. And the head has a crack in it in the web that sits between the two rear cylinders.

I've been quoted $4700 for a brand new head including everything, a new hose kit and labour (including flushing of the cooling system, new overflow tank and refill of the cooling system and major service)

Does this price seem fair?
Phucking what!!



Give these guys a call- Engine Parts Truck and Bus Quality Original Components

Around $1900. take off the remain stuff on your current head and transplant it. cost $300 ish.

Total Cost for complete head $2200. NEW

ad labour.
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and its not a cheap chinese head either, its quality
Agree, but buying a used one you maybe just buying someone elses problems. fix it and drive it.
My thoughts exactly.
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