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I've just bought a second hand Patrol GU (love it so far, despite being a 2.8...) and fixed a few odds and ends including the rear lights and brake lights.

Here's the last problem with the electrics: when ever the high beams are switched on, the reverse light (LHS) is permanently on. Here's the odd thing, when you hit the brakes all brake lights come on and the white reverse light goes out. I'm thinking it could be an issue with the relay, but nfi when it comes to the brake light situation. Any ideas? :confused: Wiring to the LHS seems stock standard and intact.

Also, I pulled out the LHS unit trying to figure out what the other two bulbs were that needed replacing, and laughed when I realised they were 'fake' lights. Can anyone save me the hassle of pulling out the RHS unit and tell me what to expect in that one? It's currently completely dark, any lights need replacing or is it a fake one too?

This forum has been a lifesaver so far, looking forward to hanging around :coffeeti:

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