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Just posted this but it disappeared :confused: Here goes a second time...

Just bought a second hand 2.8TD 1998 GU (so far, pretty impressed), and having a few issues with electrics. I replaced a few bulbs in the back, but one problem I have with the LHS reverse light is that it's permanently on as soon as you switch the main lights on. Here's where it gets a little strange: when you hit the brakes, the 3 brake lights come on and the white reverse light goes out. Release the brake lights, straight back on again. Anyone know where to start diagnosing this one? Wiring looks fine, i'm thinking relay issue but to be honst, nfi.

Also - I pulled out the LHS light unit to replace the other 2 bulbs and laughed when realing they are 'fake' units. Can anyone save me the hassles of pulling out the RHS unit and tell me if there are any bulbs in there at all that might need replacing, and if so what they do?

Thanks again for this forum, some great advice so far and looking forward to sticking around :coffeeti:

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