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Hi all,

New to the forum and new to patrols. Hoping someone can helpme with my problem.

I am having an irregularly recurrent problem with startingmy patrol. I haven't owned it long so am unsure of its prior history.

The problem I’m having is occasionally when I go to start itbehaves as if I have a flat battery, slow winding over, clicking etc, then eventuallystarts normally. I have also found after one of these incidents that the tripmeter (not odometer) is reset to 0. I know it is not the battery as it isfairly new and is showing a full 12 volts with perfect charging/cranking etcwhen this isn’t happening.

My first thoughts were it was a problem with the NATS systemas the remote is very fussy and sometimes only unlocks if I push lock first, soI decided to only lock and unlock with the key to bypass the remote, but theproblem has reoccurred since.

So here I am asking the brains trust for help.

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