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I have a 2003 4.8 as a work truck which is having transmission issues. With some regularity the transmission fault light comes on and the transmission switches to "limp home" mode.

At times turning the key off and then on again will reset the fault but more often then not it requires the mechanic's computer to reset it.

The fault comes up as a solenoid fault (one of 5 solenoids inside the transmission. I cannot remember which solenoid it is but can find out if necessary).

The truck works very hard day 6 - 7, 12 - 14 hours per day and, the intermittent nature of the fault is driving both my mechanic and I barmy and we are almost to the stage of removing the transmission and changing all of the solenoids - if only to guarantee my arrival on the clients site.

Has anyone out their had similar problems?

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