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2003 GU Leaking

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Hi all

have a bit of an issue with my 2003 GU. Seems to be getting very wet on the passenger side of the car, with the carpet, underlay etc sometime being soaked.

I cant for the life of me see where the water is getting in. You would usually suspect through perhaps a loose of missing rubber grommet in the firewall, however in this case it apears to be entering at the left hand side just in front of the seat.

I have dried the carpet out over a weekend so that is is totally dry and then when it next rains, it first gets wet in that left hand corner near the front of the seat, and then eventually makes it way right through the front passenger carpet.

I have checked to make sure that the drain holes in the bottom of the passenger door are clear and they do appear to be.

i guess the next step is to take the foor panel off and see if I can see anything obvious in there.

if anyone else has had this and could offer suggestions I am all ears.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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