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2jz929's GU Wagon

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2jz929's 4.2 GU Wagon

Had it for a couple of months now. I didn't have the money to build what i wanted myself, so i bought an already done GU. Just got a few little things on my list to make it my own.
I wanted the TD4.2 as its going to be a long term car, so the extra layout will mean a lot less in 10 years time. Primary reason for the car is for some holiday fun and touring. I live in CQ but travel every few months on holidays.

Its got the following:

- 220 000km on the clock
- ARB front bar
- 9500lb Premier winch with Warn solenoid block
- Kaymar rear bar with twin tyre carrier
- ARB high output compressor
- ARB front and rear air lockers
- 20L water bladder in rear quarter
- Outback rear draw system
- 146L long range tank
- 30mm spacers + 3" suspension lift (sagged to 1 inch over standard)
- Koni 88's
- Polybags in the rear
- Outback roof console
- Cargo barrier
- Motson 40% power upgrade package (larger rear housing, 3" exhaust, tune)
- 33" Cooper ATR's come with it (these things suck)

My plans for it are:
- water/air intercooler using ebay core, bilge pump, and condenser
- 4" flexy lift kit
- BFG muddies

Some piccies (winch is tied to the front in some of them, as it didn't work when i needed it, turned out to just be a bad earth)

Now got a second spare after these photos

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nice pickup mate! where in CQ are you located i will be up that way in a month or two..
Thanks mate. Living in Middlemount.
Middlemount isnt actually a bad place, ive enjoyed staying there for work a few times.
Hey someone stole your tyre....sorry couldn't help myself but nice looking truck

Ha, yeah, when i bought it i asked for a second wheel to be thrown in.

Middlemount is quite a nice place, not much happens which is how i like it. It is 'Cruiser and Prado territory though, so pretty boring in that respect.
Nice truck.

When u mounted yr CB, did you have to pull the panel off or just drill straight in?
Not sure sorry mate, it came with the UHF in it. But if i were to do it myself, id be pulling the panel off and putting a piece behind it to screw into.
Nice looking rig mate. You'll love the KM2's when you get them, so much grip. Again, nice truck!
Started a front mount intercooler install on this thing last week. So far only got the cooler mounted, and made most of the pipes. All the silicon joiners are in the mail. Its just 280x300mm core with 2" mandrel piping made out of exhaust tube so i could weld it. Costs are roughly:
- $140 delivered for cooler
- $150 for silicon joiners
- $80 for 8 mandrel bends
$370 is more than i planned, but im sure it will be a valuable upgrade and worthwhile once the boost is upped in fuel is increased.
Put the boost controller on this arvo and put it up from 7psi to 10psi. I know this wont do much without fuel adjust, but i figure it will do no harm either.
Anyway, will take more detailed pics of how I ran the pipes once its done. Bit of mucking around, but no cutting of the car.

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Will be interesting to see how it effects your egts?
Will be interesting to see how it effects your egts?
Unfortunately dont have an EGT gauge on it, and wont have time to fit one 'til after I've finished the cooler. Guess its easy enough to put the factor crossover pipe in later on though, just to check how much they actually increase without it.

Any pics of your 2j 929?
Got a few mate. By the sounds of your sig we got the same idea in building sleepers. Still not finished, got a bit over it, so just doing some little things to the patrol for a break.

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Costs are roughly:
- $140 delivered for cooler
- $150 for silicon joiners
- $80 for 8 mandrel bends
Where did you get the front mount cooler from?? Cheers
Also had the two back windows and rear door windows tinted 5% (limo tint) to help keep the car and fridge cool. Hardly notice it from the inside, still easy to see out of, just a lot less glare.

Put two 'Quick Fists' on the rear racks to hold the long handled shovel too. Will make it a heap easily digging out a loo now!
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Such a sleeper haha water to air cooler aswell nicely done mate can not tell a thing if its got anything under there haha. What turbo you running? xr6 35R?

Mine wont be not so much of a sleeper anymore lol
Yeah mate, its off an xr6t. Just ground out the wastegate bigger and adapted the 10psi wastegate off the stock 2j setup. Goes quite well on the 10psi, so looking forward to finally winding it up. Its got a ported head and 264 cams as well to help it out a little.

What setup are you going with? A manual would make a Cressy a lot of fun.
Nioce dude! reposive galore there haha, dyno'd yet?

Mine is just stock 2J + R154 box, twin plate clutch running stock twins but did the rear turbo mod now acting a wastegate so running true twin. Hoping for something like 260-270rwkw on 17psi with a Apexi Neo and US 550cc injectors. Hopefully next couple months mine be finished just at the stage i need to wire it up and get dumps made up and little hoses here and there needs to be attached.

EDIT: did your 2J came out of another car? engine looks very familiar lol
Nah mate, not dyno'd, will get to it one day when it gets bigger injectors. At the moment it just has a SAFCII and i have a LM2 wideband logger, so no real need. Engine just came all moldy looking from an importers.
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