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I am new here and very sorry to bother you all already with my problem. Here it goes:
Nissan P. 2004 automatic. During dessert trip the maf sensor died, changed to new (after limping home 2000 km at 80 km/hrs). Big difference in power but not as before (now max speed 130 km/hrs pushing; before 160 km/hrs!)
What we have checked:
- maf sensor (new)
- map sensor (switched with other car without probs)
- nissan computer read out; no faults
- fuel filter changed twice
- air filter new
- cleaned out intercooler
- checked all vaccuum hoses
- no leaking exhaust

Possible causes..??? (I am not a mechanic!!)
- I found a bit of dust/sand in the turbo inlet mixed with oil, then cleaned out the intercooler but did not find much oil inside.
- ran a test drive with mechanic Nissan in another good functioning patrol and then in my car; the differences noticed were:
1. turbo pressure at idle 96.00 kPa, both cars
2. turbo pressure at 2000 rpm my car 98.66 other car 122
During test drive the test vehicle gave a max. boost of 200 kPa for a millisec. and then reduced to about 190 down to 180 cruising on 130 kPa.
My car same test: full excellaration starts at 130kPa and when pushing to the max (4300 rpm!) will climb slowely to max. 170 kPa.
Question: is it the turbo? the mechanic does not think so... Please help as I am loosing too much sleep!!! :(:(:(
Thanks Martin
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