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Hi Guru's, the long and the short of it I replaced the head on a mates 3L, it had been overheated and once off straight edge showed a couple of mm gap in centre, now once all refitted and primed started up fine, stopped and restart 10min later needed to prime again, when running has plenty of go sounds fine.
I fitted a temporary lift pump after the fuel filter with clear hose to check for air and with this running it starts ok. Now as to air there is non when running showing in clear line but turned off and left over night a bubble appears in line about 20mm long, next I clamped the tube about halfway with hose pinch off pliers to see which way leak was but no bubble when clamped??? take clamp off no lift pump need to prime again, lift pump on starts but takes a little bit and need to play throttle a bit, clear line shows full in both cases.
I'm thinking injectors leaking but need a better opinion, I have a shocking sense of smell and think there is diesel in the oil but not 100% on that
This has the original injectors and was sitting around for 12 months with out being run, I read somewhere these injectors are temperamental when out and dry.

By the way this will be the first and last time I work on a 3L, don't know how you lot do it but man trying to do a head change in car was painful!!!!!!!!!!
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