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3 ltr or 2.8 ltr 1998-2003 turbo diesel wagon

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hey guy i know this has probably been treaded hundreds of times before, but i am going to do it again.

i have been researching patrols for a little while now, i am so keen to buy one and start modding . Through many articles and forums both here and 4wdaction. I am still unsure on which engine is the best out of the two engines. ZD30 and TD28t.

i am looking for the best turbo diesel engine. I know that the TB42 is by far the best, but fuel consumption is another biggy.

i have read and heard that the ZD30 has a reputation of blowing up prematurely.??

and as i have been going through the nissan rigs pages, i see that the 2.8td is pretty popular. is this because they are the better engine of the two or just cheaper to buy.

Any HELP from someone with a bit of knowledge and experience would be appreciated:)
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You wont get more power and torque to weight ratio than the Xtrail and especially from the RD28. The things are generally as slow as buggery. The RD28 are prone to head issues just as much if not more than ZD30s blowing up. ZD30 IMO are a good enough engine and the reason so many RD28s were sold is because they were the cheapest turbo diesel in the new shape Patrol (GU). Nissan didn't stick with the RD28 engine as it is a tractor engine and went to the ZD30 which they have had for now over 10 years, thats longer than the RD28 has been in.

Where do you plan on driving? TB45s on gas can be cheap and if you don't mind a smaller km range this would be my option. If not save your pennies and buy a ZD30, I bought my mint condition 2000 ZD30 ST with 20,000km on the new engine for $17,000 two years ago and have now seen them for $15,000 and under.

I do believe that the ZD30s are considerably better on fuel as well, thats from my mate that had both so driving styles are negligible.
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