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3 ltr or 2.8 ltr 1998-2003 turbo diesel wagon

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hey guy i know this has probably been treaded hundreds of times before, but i am going to do it again.

i have been researching patrols for a little while now, i am so keen to buy one and start modding . Through many articles and forums both here and 4wdaction. I am still unsure on which engine is the best out of the two engines. ZD30 and TD28t.

i am looking for the best turbo diesel engine. I know that the TB42 is by far the best, but fuel consumption is another biggy.

i have read and heard that the ZD30 has a reputation of blowing up prematurely.??

and as i have been going through the nissan rigs pages, i see that the 2.8td is pretty popular. is this because they are the better engine of the two or just cheaper to buy.

Any HELP from someone with a bit of knowledge and experience would be appreciated:)
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Power issues people spout about the 2.8 are true if it's stock but put a 3in exhaust on,fit it yourself for under a grand,and it goes like the clappers.
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