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Hi everyone.

I plan to list a detail page on each of our 5 current GU Patrol products.
Here's the info on the 4.2L Ute ...



GU PATROL 4.2L TD 4X4 UTE 1998-2006
  • More power & torque.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Heavy duty - more durable.
  • Easy DIY fit – no hoist needed.
  • Better towing.
  • Better clearances.
  • Tough sound – deeper and throatier.
  • Longer lasting – won’t rust out.

Pictured is the SETGU-1 (for the GU 4.2L wagon). The only difference for the Ute (SETGU-4) is the tail section.

As one of our most popular performance exhaust upgrades, this 3" stainless performance exhaust system delivers guaranteed power gains. What's significant is you get the power gains in the power band where you need it most - for towing and touring. Not just at peak revs.

Who's the toughest?
The short answer: ... Genie's 5-Star Guarantee, with a 5-year 'won't break' warranty and money back guarantees, unmatched in the industry - shows we are pretty confident.
The long answer: ... I planned to give all the details here but the list is extensive. So extensive that I will have to write another post just about that (coming soon). Suffice to say that we would be foolish to put our 5-Star Guarantee on our systems if they weren't the toughest.

What's the quality?
We're passionate about making the finest quality 4x4 systems in the market. This system is made from 3" 409 grade stainless which is mandrel bent. 409 stainless is the best material for a 4x4 exhaust - that's why it also used for OEM exhausts all around the world. The dump pipe can have an optional ceramic thermo-coating for rapid heat transfer which keeps the engine bay cooler and translates into cooler air intake for better performance. The muffler is stainless inside and out unlike many Chinese imports which may have stainless cases but have mild steel internals where you can't see. Our flanges are the heaviest available.

Australian made - who cares?
Yes, it is important to support Aussie industry, but that's not the main reason Aussie made is better. Genie constantly assess their existing jigs for fit (around 5 times in the life of a jig) to accommodate as many after-market accessories as possible and to ensure the jigs haven't moved. Our quality control is hands-on and gets more stringent not less. Competitor products manufactured in China find it much more difficult (or don't) modify their jigs, quality control is lacking and quality deteriorates, and their track record for fit is poor.

409 stainless, 304 stainless or aluminised mild steel - what's best?
We use 409 stainless which has the longest life because it resists corrosion regardless of any surface damage - unlike aluminised mild steel which has a more limited lifespan. And mild steel (without aluminised coating) has a very short lifespan. 409 stainless tolerates the constant heat cycling that an exhaust endures much better than higher grades of stainless. And while those higher grades (304 & 316) may look pretty, they don't stay pretty for long. And worse - they get brittle and crack from the constant heat cycling, so their lifespan is also limited.

5-year ‘won’t break’ warranty ... if it breaks we replace it!*

Any Genie component that breaks due to faulty materials or workmanship will be replaced with new during the 5 year warranty
period - the longest available for Australia’s tough conditions.

Dyno proven power … or your money back!*
You’ll gain 10% or more power over your stock system and up to 17% with with a re-tune. If you don’t get at least 10% gain (you need to do a dyno run before and after) we will give your money back.

Dyno shows a Nissan GU Patrol 4.2L turbo diesel with Genie exhaust. Re-tuning after fitting your new Genie bolt-on system will maximize your performance results.
Easy DIY fit, no hoist needed ... or your money back!*
Designed as a DIY bolt-on, Genie systems fit easy with maximum clearances - guaranteed, or your money back. Unlike other aftermarket systems, you won’t need a workshop hoist to install. And faster, better fitting saves labour if you decide to get your mechanic to do the job.

Ships same day ... or the freight is free!*
Complete your purchase before midday EST and we will ship the same day – guaranteed or the freight is free! We can deliver great service because Genie manufacture in Australia and warehouse lots of stock. Offer excludes some rural regions and international destinations.

Better delivery.
Genie use the strongest packaging in the industry so it arrives undamaged and without parts missing.

Aussie built tough as …
Designed and built in Australia with premium exhaust grade 409 stainless mandrel bent tube and stainless mufflers, with ceramic thermo-coated dumps, heavy duty flanges and quality components. If other manufacturers can’t say the same they’re probably made in China.

Heavy duty value.
Competitively priced from $995, Genie exhaust systems offer great value - better priced, better made with longer life and longer warranty than other heavy duty systems.

*Conditions apply. See 5-Star Money-Back Guarantee |

PRICE: $995 Berserker (pipe-only) system, $1095 System with Muffler
FITS: Nissan Patrol GU TD 4.2L Turbo Diesel 4×4 Ute 1998-2006
Bolts on directly to the factory turbo and uses original mount points.
OPTIONS: (1) Ceramic coating $79 - (2) Pyro (EGT) fitting $10​
  • Dyno proven power – Up to 17% increase in torque and HP.
  • Heavy duty 409 stainless throughout pipe work and muffler internals.
  • Heavy duty – flanges and brackets.
  • All mandrel bends means no constrictions.
  • High flow 3” exhaust system – significantly greater flow volume than stock.
  • Ceramic thermo-coating (optional) on dump pipe – hand crafted in Australia for faster heat dispersion away from the engine bay.
  • Designed for off-road high-clearance driving.
  • Gaskets and bolts and pyrometer plug included.
  • Pyro bung and plug in dump pipe (1/4” BSP) optional.
  • Dump pipe
  • Flex pipe
  • Muffler pipe
  • Tail pipe
  • Gasket kit including bolts, nuts and pyro plug
  • Strongest packaging in the industry
  • Fitting instructions
Call Barney, Tim or Richard at Genie today for more information and a
free, no-obligation quote on a performance exhaust for your Patrol.
Call (07) 3205 1314 today
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