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3l airbox performance

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so my question is how much power you can make before a 3l airbox becomes a restriction? I know my snorkel is a restriction but dont want to replace the snorkel and plumb it all up to find the airbox doesnt flow enough aswell. this is fitted to a td42t with a fair few mods done.
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I dont know first hand with that motor, but working on turbos over the years says the ZD aint punching out the numbers for the airbox to be an issue. Not when running 1bar of boost either. The piping into the inducer is a reasonable size also. You would have to be running a 3' exhaust on the hot side with 1.3ish bar of boost to have an airflow where the airbox would fall over.
i have it fitted to a 4.2 diesel and i am running 1.7bar
Zd aint making the numbers or any nissan diesel for that matter.

1.7bar on exactly what turbo and intercooler setup?? (and pistons and rods etc..) Geeeeesus...:shock:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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