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hello guys
I am new here and have a few questions. maybe You could help me out.
iam gonna go to Azja (Kyrgyzstan) and need buy 4x4 witch would be reliable enough to do 20-30k km in one go and first my thought was nissan patrol 4.2 D GR Y60 due to engine could take low quality deasel -this is what I heard. nissan 4.2d havent been manufactured for european market and my knowlege of this engine is quite low thats why my query, the second option is toyota 80series with 4.2td or maybe nissan patrol 2.8td will do. there are two factors that I have to take to my account acctually three : price, reliability and fuel consumption do not have big paket.
any sugestions are welcome:)
is this 4.2D nissan engine very hevy on fuel?
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