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4.2TDi Chip

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Hi there,
I have a dumb question :oops:, I have a 05 4.2TDi STS and was under the understanding that it was a "Mechanical" engine and there were not computer chips for this engine. I was in a local tune up shop and they were sure as **** there was. Can anyone put me strait please

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TD42Ti's do have a ECU that controls the EGR system & can alter pump timing but you can not fit a performance chip to the this engine as it is a old style VE Diesel Pump with electronic addons to meet emission laws

Regards Don
If a computer controls the EGR then is it worth it to block of the EGR on the 4.2... i am reading a lot about blocking the EGR but not much on the 4.2TD... I have a Ser IV 4.2TDi ST...
The factory intercooled had a computer for as stated the pump timing and EGR. The non-intercooled did not have a computer, or elecronic controlled pump or EGR.

The electronics on the TDi pumps are just a bolt onto the non TDi pumps, so really has reletively little control compared to the 3L.

As for EGR. Dirty diesel exhaust gasses in your intake = reduced emmissions but reduced engine life. If I had an EGR on mine, well I think you know what I am getting at. ;)
Its gone. cheers
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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