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4.5L petrol GU intercooled turbo upgrade

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and have been sniffing around the great wealth of information here. Very impressed.

I have just recently purchased my first Patrol, a 1999 GU 4.5l petrol Ti. I purchased the car to tow my R35 track car in my sig to and from the tracks around SEQ 15 times a year from my home in Brisbane and the odd interstate trip to Bathurst/Eastern Creek etc once a year.

I like power and torque and plenty of it! I certainly do not want to be left twiddling my thumbs whilst lugging the gib lump around. Consequently I am considering a custom inter-cooled turbo upgrade and dual fuel lpg conversion starting next week. The guys from Mercury Motorsport who look after my R35 are awesome. they just happen to have a great in house fabricator who is a patrol nut, and mechanics with loads of custom turbo install experience.

If you're interested, check out my r35 build thread in the link below: (btw, hi to any SAU forum members lurking here)

R35 Build - Skylines Australia

Anyway, I would appreciate everyones thoughts on the following:

  1. Turbo choice
  2. ECU choice, tuning ability for petrol & lpg and cost
  3. Need for upgrading the engine internals or not (when the job is done right, car is well maintained and sensible boost applied)
  4. Costs of the inter-cooled turbo upgrade by those who have been there before and whether they were happy or not with the outcome
  5. lpg conversion considerations, especially regarding turbo mod, and who to see in Brisbane.

Thanks for reading,

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Had a bigger intercooler planned but this was easier to fit with less cutting. Should do the job for my power goals.
should work well. I think you will be very impressed with the finished product. Nothing like forced induction!
Luke from Mercury is doing the intercooler and intake piping now.
The exhaust manifold is completed and is off for sandblasting and coating.
Exhaust next week, full custom job.

Not sure what ECU trent and the boys had planned, will update next week also.
thanks for the tip re: ProFIRE Engine Management bods. any others I should consider guys?

Even though we haven't gone for crazy power straight up with the Garrett 3076 externally gated setup, I was thinking some front brake rotor and pad upgrade might be in order. any suggestions regarding front rotors and pads to suite the stock calipers etc would be appreciated (I assume there are better choices than the 4.8L fronts out there in the aftermarket world?)

Trent at mercury knows I am likely to want more power sometime in the future! If I like the car enough it may warrant a built engine and bigger turbo down the track :eek:
Cant wait to get the thing back, should be a big improvement.
gotta say too that the alpine head unit is a great bit of kit.

wont have it for the trip to QR next Tuesday the 15th for the First QR Ruzic series day though :(
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actually Trent tells me they are looking to use an Autronic sm4
exhaust mainfod finished fabrication and fitted up, just before going of for sandblasting and coating

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needed to move the coolers and add a more compact power steering cooler. also lower profile fan to fit intercooler.

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hey guys, I get the car back next Wednesday. I plan on driving it for a bit before getting the LPG conversion done.

anyway, I had a question about lpg conversion shops in Brisbane.

I was looking at using "autogas systems"

AutoGas Systems

anyone have anything to report back about the work here?

Thanks in advance.

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Surprised the Mercury boys didn't have you dropping a 2J into it instead :eek: (ha-ha)

Think i may have seen your car (skyline) once or twice @ the parklands, goldcoast meets ? look forward to checking out your GU if you ever take it down to these events.:)
Some updates from thismorning;

Exhaust manifold coated and wrapped, turbo fitted up.
Dumps installed. (as you can see the external wastegate not in pic)
Remainder of the 3 inch exhaust going in today, Autronic ECU also being installed.

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Surprised the Mercury boys didn't have you dropping a 2J into it instead :eek: (ha-ha)

Think i may have seen your car (skyline) once or twice @ the parklands, goldcoast meets ? look forward to checking out your GU if you ever take it down to these events.:)
yep it can be hard to curtail their enthusiasm at times! Trent and the lads are really great to deal with.
Hi mark!
looking good mate...
Haha, Paul, we meet again!

probably not going to be completed until friday. certainly itching to get it back

note the 'stock' cat

note the 'stock' cat
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Love this thread. I have a 4.5 and would love to be able to do this. Do you know how much this is all going to cost? Or are you to scared to know!!! Also what air cleaner box are you going to use?
TBH I havent seen the air filter, will be no doubt in when I check tomorrow as they are tuning it.

As for price, it aint cheap! depends on what you think worthwhile for the purpose of the vehicle and what you could buy new as to whether its worth your while. If you are interested talk to Trent at Mercury Motorsport (+61 73352 3363 or 0402 421 437)

The work is really top notch, not sure if it is coming through in the pics. Will post dyno results by the weekend I hope!
Hey bud, when the beast is done, can you post up some video/ sound clips? cant wait, very envious!
looks good i have a 4.8 will look at doing the same soon let us know how it gos on the road good luck
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