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Hi all
As in title. Turned back 50 k East of Norseman.Now in Esperance waiting for a dealership to open.
Issue is when towing a 750 kg trailer however even without trailer car will only do max 120 km /hr and the revs are 3500.
Also very hevay fuel use.90 liyres of gas took us 240 km.This i put down to the cycling from 1800 to 2500 to 3500 revs.
TRIED TO FIND DIPSTICK FOR TRANS FLUIDS.cAP ONLY .nO DIP STICK. I reccon that the fluid hasent been checked in 8 years.
Some folks arounf here recon that a diagnostic may just reveal a chip problem.
Others suggest that cruise contro mlay have been abused.
Any poinyers would bre greatlet appreciatted.
Typing and spelling tips also.
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