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Hi All,
I am starting a project car and have been following posts etc and have got most things sorted / planned.. I have owned a 2002 Gu 4.8 auto before (back in 2004) and loved it except for LPG and auto issues (the way the auto performed), also unable to work out of a wagon (tradie)...

I have worked out a solution but need some final guidance..

Got another 4.8 and plan to cut it into a extra/ space cab... i have done this for 2 reasons.. im a tall freak so need the full leg room that wagons give you (cab chassis being smaller), and also i cant get the diesel thing... and i have tried... give me petrol power, quiteness and smothness every day...The wagons are finshed better than most cab chassis as well.

I have chosen the guy to do that.. i think a will only put on around 200mm ontop of standard cba chassis for it can look a little funny with the canopy pushed futher back. Also got the canopy sorted which is you basic aluminum gull door type. hope to put on one of those supa wing/fox wing awnings to complement my roof top tent..

Long range tanks (176 rear and 75 sub) have been fitted and with a decent stereo should be all i need..

The only thing i havn't finally sorted is the Auto.. i have read many posts about mods.. special form Jay, some cool stuff mate.. i was wondering about the actual benifets of the mods that wholsale autos do ( valve body specially..) do they work.. also kewish autos make tham( in Dandenong) also Jay mentioned some tweaking to liven up auto but i dont think it was fully finished. if you read this Jay would love to hear the result/ progress.

Staying away from gas... i had heaps of issues with gas and it really retricts your range.. they way i have it sorted will give in excess of 1000 klm depending how excited i get (and i do get excited ... i love 4.8"s)

They way i see it i paid 22K for base truck... 6K for cut job... then around 5k tto put on canopy.. that's 31K for a really good set up... you would be hard pressed to get deisel cab chassis for that and there still diesel... (opps!! that will upset some.. eh!!! he he!)

will try and post some pics of before and after... would love to here thought and suggestions about any pitfalls etc... and please no diesel preaching !! lol ha ha...

Jethro (wayne)
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