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I've noticed recently that when I start the car from cold in the mornings it takes a few extra turns for it to start. Every other start after this she fires up fine and strong.

its had the starter rebuilt not so long ago, new battery at same time, and also a service including the fuel filter done.

Its only been noticable since about 600km after the service.

its got 184k on the clock, could the spark plugs or coil packs starting to get iffy? or maybe even the oxy sensors?

dont want to be caught with the thing not starting at all somewhere remote, so any help with this would be appreciated.

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I find sudden changes in weather can effect the starting on the 4.8. It uses the MAF to aid in starting too so that may need a clean or be looked at.

I wouldn't be too concerned, see if the ECU adjusts over the next week or so and it might just go away.

The plugs should last 100,000kms++++ but it depends if they have been changed previously and as to what type of plug they have put in.
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