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48" or 60" Hi lift jack?

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I have just mounted a Hi lift holder onto my spare wheel and was wondering what size jack I should buy.
I plan on getting a 4" lift and running some 35x12.5x16 tyres. Would a 48" jack be enough or should I go for the 60"?

48" fits better with no under/overhang.
60" sits just below rear bar or above roof rack...
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Neither unless you have high lift jacking points or planning to buy the straps which allow you to lift via the wheels.
sorry boys. dumb question time. in regards to the strap that goes to your wheel, does't this defeat the purpose if your going to change a tyre? probably a simple answer to this but couldn't get my head around it.
Yup. I reckon 90% of people driving around with a highlift jack 1) don't know how to use it and 2) don't realise that they can't actually use it on their vehicle. Wheel straps also pose a grave danger to your body panels and windows if it slips and falls inward.

Not to mention your own body parts etc.

edit: one funny event, watched some blokes use a high lift on their ute tray. Tray was alloy. Boy did it get bent and none of them realised haha
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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