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I was wandering if anyone on here would be interested in such a drive around August or Oct 2011.

Departing Raffles Hotel Singapore to Thailand Bangkok Hard Rock Cafe

A couple of us have been looking at trip like this for years and I would really like to make it happen as a start to a much longer trip in the near future. If anyone is interested then lets see if we can work it out. This route has been done before by various people making overland in Rolls Royce's to Tut Tuts. I really like to do a all out Nissan Patrol drive. Its quite a long way off I know but this year several of us did London to Morocco using Range Rover Sport's. This drive has only fueled the fire of great inspiration to start to plan for next year. It really will be a journey of a life time and the more Patrol's the better.

For people who can not make it feel free to become part of the logistic team and support.

There is no limit to numbers I guess. The more 4x4's we get on board will sure help us to get better deals with hotels and shipping. I will be shipping my Patrol from Manila to Singapore to do it.

here is some info i have been reading into
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