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Im new to the forum so i will do my best. I converted my 90 tb42 to v8 efi using all Marks gear but the only problem i now have is no power to the fuel injectors. The wiring loom/engine and computer are a match set but are out of a VQ statesman which are fitted with remote immobilizers. I suspect it is a simple wire in the loom at the plug close to the computer that needs to be connected. Can anybody help.

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Welcome to the forum GQ4BEE.

It has been a long time since I worked on a VQ and this is from memory.

The VQ had an isolation switch fitted either in the glove box or the left hand front door pillar, so depending on what model yours has come from there should be a 4 pin plug either 1 or 3 feet away from the ecu connector.

From memory again, the colours are 2x pink/red and 2x black coloured wires.

One of the pink/red wires should have an ignition feed in it, the other pink/red wire supplies ignition to the ecu.

If one of the wire has an ignition feed you will just need to bridge the 2 coloured wires together, if not you will need to supply an ignition feed to the wire that runs to the ecu.

Another thing is I am pretty sure the injectors are supplied power direct from the ignition relay that was under the bonnet, so if you don't have power at the injectors you may have another problem as well.

Do you have a wiring diagram for the VQ? this will tell you.

Hope this helps.
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