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5th Gear Failure

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So yeh i've done all the reading its failed nothing i can do about it cept fix it

Any one got a list of part numbers i will need to fix it?

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if i ever catch someone driving MY car @ 60 in 5th i will head butt them, but as you said "each to their own".
Acting dense doesnt suit you.

Here are some prices for some of the bits ............

Gearbox front seal $7
Gearbox rear seal $13

Transfer case seals $75 for the three if you want to do them while you have it apart.

Engine rear main seal $112
Engine rear main gasket $ 25
Spigot bush $ 5

Gearbox complete bearing set $830

Gearbox 5th modification (shaft, gear and spacer) $340

...........they're from Garry from Nizzbits..........

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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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