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5th gear overdrive

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Has anyone replaced 5th gear with the Marks overdrive gear. ... -gears.htm I am looking to run 4.6 diffs in a CRD with 33's - because that is what I have lying around - but don't want to be running in excess of 3k revs to do 110.
I am very disappointed in the initial take off of the CRD, especially when towing and in heavy conditions so was looking at using the 4.6s to gear down for this. Currently I am running 4.1s and 33's so I am not helping myself much .
The approx 10% reduction in gearing with the 4.6's would be offset in 5th by the 10% increase with the Marks overdrive.
As I see it I would achieve lower gearing for take off and going through the box but would get back to approx factory setting once in 5th.

I could of course run 35" tyres but that would not help with the initial take off.
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I don't know about that Ben..less RPM doesn't always mean less wear.
If your are labouring your motor it can be detrimental - more fuel coming in and less air, more heat and stress to move the vehicle. The motor wants to breathe when loaded. Watch EGT's sky rocket when loaded up in too higher gear.

I would be getting the truck on the dyno and have a look at your torque curve to determine what revs you need a what RPM.

All about the torque!
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