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5th gear overdrive

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Has anyone replaced 5th gear with the Marks overdrive gear. ... -gears.htm I am looking to run 4.6 diffs in a CRD with 33's - because that is what I have lying around - but don't want to be running in excess of 3k revs to do 110.
I am very disappointed in the initial take off of the CRD, especially when towing and in heavy conditions so was looking at using the 4.6s to gear down for this. Currently I am running 4.1s and 33's so I am not helping myself much .
The approx 10% reduction in gearing with the 4.6's would be offset in 5th by the 10% increase with the Marks overdrive.
As I see it I would achieve lower gearing for take off and going through the box but would get back to approx factory setting once in 5th.

I could of course run 35" tyres but that would not help with the initial take off.
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G'day GQ TOY, mate i agree with you on this one. Marks 5th gear is a must on many diesel motors with a 5th speed box. Reving at 3000 @ 110 is bulls##t. A six speed box like Land Rover Defenders is the smart way. Many on this forum, is that they haven't experienced driving at those speed continuously for hours on end, like driving round oz or the nullabor. It's palin physics, it wears any motor quicker. To say, it's in ur head, or turn up stereo, is plain juvenile. Many acclaimed motors to reach a million k's are those that are not over reved. If a motor is labouring, drop in down a gear. Simple. Many think diesels are indestructable, and dont wear till it's reached 500,000k's. Many die at around 200,000 just like petrol. Don't listen, and just do it. It's worth every cent, and will save ur motor and ur pocket THOUSANDS. Rebuild motors up to $10,000. Marks 5th gear, around $1,000. Simple job too. I've done it and wish i had done it earlier. :angryfir:
I'm with you mate. I don't even like reving my TD42 over 3000rpm whilst going up through the gears let alone sit on it all day for hours on end. I am currently running 35s with 4.1 diffs and am tossing up between 4.3 gears for $2000 supplied not fitted or swapping my 4.1s with a mates 4.6s as he is only running 33" tyres and it wouldn't cost either of us a cent. This way I can also just change the ratios in 5th gear.
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