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Hey guys n girls...
I brought my 1989 ford maverick shorty about 3months ago, its a TB42 petrol/gas. i cant get it to run right, to start off with it was backfiring on petrol and missing and had a fluxerating bad idle, also doing this on gas, and when accelerating it would pop n fart n make weird knock noises out of the carbie... so i checked the timing which was on 18degrees! now on 10? tuned it up, replaced the carby, air filter, coil, points, condensor. also about a month ago replaced the leads, plugs and fuel doing all this it now idles however still has a very bad miss when accelerating and backfires on both, this has happened before for about 3 days then fixed itself... its got me and a few people a bit confused

if you know what this might be pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseee help!
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