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My '92 GQ TB42e auto Patrol was running fine on LPG (hasn't run on petrol in a while cause it pops and farts) idling at 650 until a couple of weeks ago until it started idling at 1100rpm for no reason every once in a while it'll drop back down to normal revs but as soon as you turn it off and start it again it'll go straight back up to 1100rpm. I replaced all my vacuum hoses thinking it could be a leak, reset the computer and base idle by disconnecting the IAC and air regulator then adjusting the idle screw to 300rpm but as soon as I plug the IAC back in it jumps straight back up to 1100rpm. Is the IAC buggered, I cleaned it out but it looks fine?
Any help would be appreciated it's driving me crazy :mad:, I disconnected the IAC and manually adjusted the idle with the idle screw as a temp fix for now.
Cheers Pat
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