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92 GQ's Patrol

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Hi all!

I’ve always had a great passion for beach 4wding and camping trips, in 2009 I brought my stock GQ Patrol in the hopes of customising it to suit me so that I can get away and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!

Well I can say that the project is finally complete (well as close as it will ever get, seems there’s always new things to do to cars :bigthumb: ) and I wanted to a quick write up on my Patrol!

Thanks to all my mates, this is what I have the pleasure of taking offroad! :cheers:

General & Standard Features

1992 (GQ) Nissan Patrol TI Wagon
Engine: (TD42) 4.2Ltr Inline 6 Cylinder Diesel
Driveline: 5 Speed Manual, Rear LSD and Rear Sway Bar Disconnect
Interior: Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Mirrors, Power Windows, and Central Locking with Alarm System

What has been done


DTS TD05 Turbo Kit 10PSI 400Degrees EGT Tune
DTS 3” Mandrel Exhaust System
Reconditioned Fuel Pump and Injectors
Genuine Water Pump
Genuine Thermostat
Genuine GU TD42T Radiator
Ford Falcon (EL) Thermo Fans and Relay System
Safari Snorkel
GU Airbox

Bosch Alternator (80AMP) and Rewired Dual Battery/Charging System


Stock with Factory Rear LSD


Genuine Master Cylinder
All New Hoses
Reconditioned Callipers using Genuine Parts
Bendix Brake Pads
DBA 4x4 T2 Rotors


ARB Raised 2” Coil Springs
OME Shock Absorbers
Extended Brake Proportioning Bracket
Castor Correction Bushes
Superior Engineering Panhard Rods

Wheels and Tyres

15x8 Steel Rims, -25 Offset
33x12.50 Hankook Dynapro ATM RT10 Tyres


ARB Steel Winch Bar
Warn Magnum Winch
Factory Flares
Factory Side Steps
Kaymar Rear Steel Dual Carrier and Towbar
Long Range (140ltr) Fuel Tank


Kenwood USB/CD Player
Kenwood Speakers and Sub
Twin Front Dash Pod with Additional Gauges
Ford Falcon (BA) Front Seats
Window Tint
Rear Cargo System – fitted with 12volt Outlets and Compressor

Camper Trailer

2015 GIC Alpha

No Mods Yet!


What you have all been waiting for… ;)

15 Seconds of Fame lol

A Couple Months After I Brought It

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More Pictures

How It Is Now

On The Beach


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Nice clean well set up vehicle you have, so what time did you get at Willowbank ? . :)
Great GQ!!!
Nice clean well set up vehicle you have, so what time did you get at Willowbank ? . :)
Cheers mate, I'm really happy how it's all come together! :cheers:

Before the turbo it was getting 24 seconds at 57 MPH using three gears, with the turbo it now does the quarter in 22 seconds at 60 MPH, including a shift into fourth! :bananaro:
Great GQ!!!
Cheers mate :-D
I am going on a beach trip soon, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a new clutch?
The clutch in it is over 8 years and 150,000kms old and works perfectly, but now it has a turbo, 33's, has all the extra weight plus the trailer, I thought it best to put a new one in before it becomes an issue.

I have heard of; Xtreme, NPC and Safari Tuff.

What would be the best for me?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I found this thread TD42 Clutch Life Post
I think I may have been paranoid a bit, seeing as this clutch has done 150,000kms :D
January Update;

The GQ passed 400,000kms :D

I completed a full service, like I do every 50,000km and every fluid came out the same colour and condition it went in!

Also, I got the turbo tuned; it is now at 12PSI and goes, so. much. better!!!!

Looking forward to the next trip with the GQ and Camper!!!!

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