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Hi folks,

If Patrol 4x4 forum were a world, then today's my birth day!

Yep, just flung out the old ladies belly and into the new world... So howdy!

Heres a light bit of readin for anyone willing to read;

So hey, I woke up this morning and forgot which side the sun rises from, then it dawned on me.

So I got up got dressed and headed off to the local Hardware store to see if they have any respirators

I asked the bloke at the Hardware store if there were any masks and, well… Don’t you hate it when someone answers their own questions? I do…

Any way, he went on to tell me the only ones they have left are with the Velcro and there expensive.

I said, what!? Velcro?—what a rip-off!

What happen to buying cheap masks like the good old days?

Then I remembered The best thing about good old days is that we were neither good nor old… so I thanked the gentleman and proceeded to walk back out slightly disgruntled.

On my way out the store gatekeeper chick at the door asked me

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

I don’t know and I don’t care I answered and walked.

Got home and decided to have some brekky… got me thinking … I’ve been getting the mucnhies quite a bit last few nights… maybe I shouldn’t eat at night…

When I opened the fridge door I thought, If we shouldn’t eat at night, why do they put a light in the fridge? Put that one to bed real quick.

My wife asked me if we were living in Armageddon times – I said I don’t know what you mean,? She said oh forget it. and rolled her eyes. So I said “what? So what if I don’t know what “Armageddon” means? It’s not the end of the world.

Sorry about the punctuation…which brings me to my next point. What is correct punctuation? the difference between a sentence that’s well-written and a sentence that’s, well, written. No biggie for me.

If your finding it hard to read this don’t worry. You may need Bifocals… just God’s way of saying, “Keep your chin up.”

Good advice. Especially in the current times.


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Thanks mate
Figured i’de at least give everyone a G’day with some humour.

Newbie messages are generally all the same.


Just bought myself a gu3... So literally a noob
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